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Writing Tip: How to Write An Effective SEO Article

Updated on August 3, 2014



There are thousands of websites and blogs that have been created. All of these websites and blogs contain millions of articles on diverse issues or subjects. But, how will a reader be able to find and read your article? How would it be possible to drive traffic (readers) to your article in the webpage it is located? This is where writing a good SEO Article comes in.

So, how do you go about writing an effective SEO Article that will enable your article to be ranked high in search engines’ results? How can you beat other articles to merge at the top (first or second pages) of search engines’ results? How will readers get to find the articles you’ve written that they are searching for, say, Diabetes? There are two basic concepts that you will need to consider which are; Keywords and Quality of Writing.

Keywords are words and phrases that describe what your article is all about – the subject of your article. When a person searches for a particular information, for example, Cancer, he/she will probably type the words ‘Causes of Cancer’ or ‘Basic Information on Cancer’ and not ‘Cancer.’ Therefore, it is important to target your keywords in an article in such a way that a reader can be able to find it. However, you should be careful not to write so many keywords that it results to lack of flow in your article. This will prove to be harmful and you might be termed unprofessional. Next time, they will ignore your article and click on the other articles. Not only that, search engines like Google and Yahoo may penalize you and you might find your articles ranked lower. Good quality writing should precede inserting keywords. This is one of good practices of writing a good SEO Article.

This brings us to writing quality articles. The main reason for any writer to write an article is to pass knowledge. Ensure like you would an essay or an article for a newspaper, that the flow of information from one paragraph to another flows smoothly and a reader is able to follow. Treat it like a novel or short story – leading a reader from the beginning to the end of the article. Ensure that your article has the title, subheadings (if necessary), the body and conclusion. After this, know where you to insert keywords, though you should ensure they do not exceed seven for a five-hundred words article. When you are disciplined in treating your article as of great value, then you are on the road of writing a good SEO Article.

In conclusion, it can be seen that writing a good SEO Article encompasses an article whose main purpose is to inform, whereby this comes first in the mind of a writer, then inserting keywords where appropriate. Do not chase readers by over-stuffing your article with keywords nor let it allow your ranking to be demoted.


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