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How to Write an Amazon Affiliate Sales Hub and Sell Amazon Items

Updated on November 26, 2013
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Susannah is a Journalist and Blogger with a total social following of over 100,000 people & whose content receives over 15,000 visits/day.

When I first joined hubpages, the idea of writing sales hubs not only scared me, it also made me feel like I was 'selling out' as a writer. However I've since come to the conclusion that:

  1. Informational hubs don't sell Amazon items - people who visit how to or guide hubs are usually just looking for answers. To sell items you need to aim at buyers, which means you need to write your hub, title and tags based around an item. You may get occasional clicks or maybe hit it lucky with a particular information topic which attracts buyers, but this is rare.
  2. Sales hubs are where the money is - I earn reasonable amounts from Adsense as well as Amazon on my sales hubs.
  3. Being a writer is about making people want to read what you've written, not just about writing a famous novel or a poem.

Of course the idea can still be a little scary if you're trying to make the transition from informational or creative writing to sales writing. However I can guarantee one thing - it does get easier with time.

I certainly wouldn't call myself an Amazon expert like Nelle Hoxie but hopefully this guide will help you at least have a go at writing a sales hub. Remember though - like all hubs, not every sales hub will do well. However if you write at least a dozen, you're sure to start seeing at least a few sales which should increase with time.

For a really good in depth guide to selling Amazon items, I recommend you read this hub by Susana S.

There are literally hundreds of layouts that you can use in a sales hub - from reviews of each item through to categorising items by color, type or cost. This is only a basic guide to get you started so go ahead and experiment with different layouts, text and picture placement!

A larger photo of an item is more likely to catch the eye and get the reader's attention.
A larger photo of an item is more likely to catch the eye and get the reader's attention.

Simple Steps to Write Your Sales Hub

Here are the basic steps to writing a sales hub.

1. Choose an item. The best ones are specific but not too specific. For example:

  • Coats is too broad.
  • Red leather coats is a good midway choice.
  • Hand sewn silk lined, leather coats in large sizes is too specific.

2. Pick a good title. As recommended in the tips box, add some 'sale' words to the title and even some synonyms. For example Cheap red leather coats and jackets.

3. Insert your Amazon capsules, photos and text boxes. This not only gives you an idea of what is available but also lets you know how much space you have to fill.

4. Read the reviews and information about the item. Some reviewers will write 300-500 word reviews on items, giving you plenty of feedback to work with. Some sales hubs can be written just by paraphrasing the information left in reviews and on the item sale page.

5. Write simply. My personal recommendation is to place a large text box of 100-135 words at the top of the hub to allow for Adsense placement. In this first box you can give some basic information about your item - it can be as basic as where it can be worn and why the color is better than other colors for that item.

6. Refer to Amazon items. Unlike Adsense, you can refer to your adverts as much as you wish.

How to Get Ideas for Sales Hubs

It can be a bit daunting to find a good item to write about. But remember - you don't necessarily need to know all about the item, you just need to be able to paraphrase and research the basics. Here are some ways I find item ideas:

  • Basics. You'll be surprised how many people are looking for basic items such as can openers, sauce bottles and glasses. Don't be scared that it's too basic - if it's something that can be bought, it's something you can sell!
  • Catalogues. This is a wonderful way to find item ideas. Catalogues are hand picked items that are already organized in a way that companies hope will make you buy them - so simply go through a catalogue and circle items for ideas or add notes. I often have a half dozen catalogues covered with notes and circles, sitting beside my computer.
  • Look around. When you're in your house, your workplace or even online, see what items you use or sell regularly and write about them. You come into contact with literally hundreds of items each day, so start opening your eyes and looking at them!

Top Tips

  1. Write in the second or third person. This makes the article appear more professional. If you plan to write in the first person, try and only do so when referring to direct experience with the item.
  2. Make sure there is a wide selection of items. People like choice, so if you can give them a range of items to choose from, they're more likely to click through.
  3. Do a search on hubpages. If there are no sales hubs written about the item, I strongly recommend you write one, even without keyword research. Hubpages is such a strong platform that if you write the only hub on the item, you're likely to get reasonable traffic.
  4. Use pictures to sell. My motto is to never place a picture of an item that isn't for sale. So if you do plan to use pictures on your hubs, I'd recommend taking the larger images from the Amazon site and placing them near your Amazon capsule.
  5. Use sale words in the title. Include words like buy, cheap, best, top ten, greatest, review and online.
  6. Higher sale rate. Don't stress if your sales hubs only see a handful of search engine visits each day. The CTR is much higher on Amazon hubs. For instance I often average 5 sales for 150 sales hubs visits, while 1000 information hub visits often nets me only a few clicks.

I've also written another basic guide with some more tips on Amazon sales over at Wizzley.


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