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How to add Google analytics code to your Hubpages account

Updated on March 23, 2013

One of the most effective ways of tracking and optimizing traffic to your Hubs on Hubpages is by making use of Google analytics. For now at least, the only way which Hubpages allows you to track your incoming traffic is by individually looking at hubs one by one but with Google analytics, you can monitor your whole hubs all at once as if it were a single blog.

I've been using Google analytics for Hubpages for a while now and it only made me see the big picture much clearer and this has helped increase my hub traffic. With Google analytics reporting, you get to know what keywords are driving the most traffic to your Hubs so that you might be able to write hubs that are highly converting.

Things to do

Here are basic things we are going to concern ourselves with when using Google analytics for Hubpages:

  1. Creating a Google analytics property for Hubpages
  2. Inserting Google analytics code to Hubpage
  3. Tracking your Hubpages traffic

Creating analytics code for Hubpages

  1. First setup a Google analytics account if you haven't done so
  2. Go to Admin to setup a profile
  3. Under accounts, create a new one or select an existing one
  4. Create a new property
  5. Under website name, you can enter your Hubpages title
  6. Under url, enter your Hubpages url
  7. Submit to get your tracking id
  8. Copy your Google analytics tracking id

Inserting Google analytics code to Hubpages

  1. Log in to your Hubpages account > Earnings > Reporting Settings
  2. Paste the analytics code and save

Now you will be able to track your Hubpages traffic from your Google analytics account. You could also begin using Google webmaster tools with that same Google analytics code adn that's what SEOs use to optimize Google traffic.

Tracking your Hubpages traffic with Google analytics

Since Google analytics tracking has been activated on all your Hubs, it makes it easier to track all your income traffic from a single Google analytics account and this would help you decide what topics to write about and what not to write about.

Here is how you track your incoming keywords using Google analytics

  1. Log into your Google analytics account
  2. Go to Traffic sources > Sources > Search > Organic
  3. You will be able to see your Top 10 keywords or more

Now you should know what keywords you should be using to increase your existing traffic to Hubpages.


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