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How To : Switch Your Google Ad Sense ID on HubPages ?

Updated on June 30, 2012
I.T Industry GIANT "Google" product.
I.T Industry GIANT "Google" product.




Are you in difficult position of being your account unapproved or disabled? But, in same time you have agreed with someone, you know, to share the same - his - account, just to have an Google Ad Sense on your H.P setup? Well, I have bad news for You. It's not enough jut to change, and link your account on an existing H.P account... previously configured.

Pay attention, it is not automated.

To link and activate the new account that you want to link, you need to do it first in "Settings" page, in My Account tab. Now, once you've linked the Ad Sense account with YOUR account - you need to do several things,like clicking on "edit" button and unpublishing your Hub.

Sometimes, I've heard people - lots of - complain how they don't get "a penny" or "a cent" since, they've changed their Ad Sense account, and they've used to have certain incomes per day,week,and etc...
I've checked deeply with them the whole problem, and I've found next pretty disturbing facts:

  • If you have had an Hub Pages account, with an Ad Sense account liked to it, and from some reason you've decided to disable/erase Your H.P account - next time, when You create an Hub Pages account - and write a page,and publish it, you'll have the OLD ca-pub... ID for Ad Sense account.
  • You have to be aware that, you will have to republish some of your - before the NEW one's activated - Hubs in order to insert the new Ad Sense ID to the appearing ads..
  • You CAN NOT / or it is not desired at least , to attach AND create - an Ad Sense account to your mom,dad,brother once you're "banned" or "deactivated" from Ad Sense.

Proper reconnecting of new Ad Sense account

You have to do several things, and if you have had several dozen's of Hubs, or worse - several hundred/thousand's, I can tell you it is an boring thing to do.

Reestablishing the link between your H.P Account and Ad Sense Account, is starting from: checking and making sure WHAT hubs are having the wrong { old one } ca-pub ... ad sense id in them-self's.

Methods for checking what "pub-id" of the Ad Sense account you have IN the "Google" ads that are displayed on your Hubs:

  1. Drag and drop the Ad {one click dropping} on the "address bar" in your web-browser. Then go and check IN IT for " .... id=ca-pub XXXXXX.... " ,you will see it when you grab the little blue links on the displayed ads, and when you drop it on address bar as I've said. If it is same, and you're sure about it, like the old one you have to click on edit,un-publish,and then publish.
  2. Take the "blue underlined text" - link, of the Google Ad from your Hub - and drop it in to some kind of text processor like "Notepad" ,or similar. On that way, once again you will need to search for " .... id=ca-pub XXXXX " - your unique Ad Sense account ID, and check it out if it is the NEW one or the OLD one.
  3. Do not take the "Java Ads" displayed, usually on the right side - down of the profile of the hub-writer , because you'll NOT find the ID - i mean, you'll not recognize it.

Ad that you SHOULD use for dropping them on to address bar in web-browser. Beside them, on right side, the blue "Java" ads {animated ones} that should/CAN NOT be used for that matter.
Ad that you SHOULD use for dropping them on to address bar in web-browser. Beside them, on right side, the blue "Java" ads {animated ones} that should/CAN NOT be used for that matter.

Being connected

Being connected properly to your Ad Sense account, while having dozens of hubs means much more chances for making money online. I mean, I will certainly ADVISE YOU STRONGLY : DO NOT TAKE EARNING FROM AD SENSE AS YOUR PRIMARY INCOME/JOB.
-Do not think that Ad Sense income will come over night...
-Be patient.
-Do not force,advise, or tell anyone on anyway to click on your ad's. On that way, you are risking being banned forever from Ad Sense system.

Have in mind...

  • Have in mind that having an Ad Sense account is an privilege not a right.

That your I.P "click activity" as well as page impressions will be monitored in matter of better and right offer of ad placement space.Google will do everything to protect the advertisers, so be careful about invalid clicks and making people click on them - THAT KIND OF ACTIVITY WILL BE PUNISHED DISABLING YOUR ACCOUNT.


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    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      8 years ago from Nepal

      Very useful article for those who want to monetize their HP account.

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 

      8 years ago from Jamaica

      Very informative for those having trouble with HP an Adsense. The wise thing to do is not to violate HP or Adsense in the first place and you are good to go. I have two HP accounts that are on the same Adsense and I have no trouble at all.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, I wish I was informed or I wish I could know all this before they banned/deactivated my account. keep writing this kind of really nice works.


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