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How to connect your Amazon affiliate account to your Hubpages account

Updated on March 2, 2013

One of the benefits of writing and publishing with Hubpages is that it allows you to get more exposure for your work without you having to pay for hosting. Combining a powerful platform like Hubpages with a powerful affiliate program like that which Amazon offers only makes proper sense.

Amazon has an affiliate program that rewards you for bringing buyers to their store and the commission you earn is based on your sales performance. Why not leverage on the high traffic which Hubpages can bring to your hubs in order to make more sales to Amazon.

In order to start using your Amazon affiliate code on Hubpages, you would have to connect your code to your Hubpages account and this is quite easy.

How to add your Amazon affiliate code to Hubpages

  1. Log into your Amazon associates account and get your Affiliate id e.g. multidox-20
  2. Log into your Hubpages account
  3. Go to Account > Earnings > External affiliate settings
  4. Under the Amazon program, click on the configure button
  5. Enter your affiliate id e.g. multidox-20
  6. Click on save

Now you can always add Amazon products each time you publish a Hub just by inserting the Amazon capsule.

I just added an Amazon product above!

How to use Amazon capsules in your Hubs

Assuming you've written a good hub that brings traffic or you hope it would bring traffic. It would make sense to also add Amazon capsules to it so that visitors you refer to Amazon may add to your credit. Here is how to do it easily:

  1. After writing a good Hubs, go to you capsule corner and click on the Amazon capsule
  2. Wait for it to be added below and you'll get the confirmation - "added capsule below"
  3. Move your mouse of the recently added capsule and select to edit
  4. Choose specific keywords or products from the Amazon store you want to promote
  5. Enter the Amazon url of the item
  6. Save the capsule
  7. Now, those products would be showing up on every hub you've added a capsule to

At times, I just write hubs for the sake of getting traffic and when I do get traffic, I analyse what type of traffic it is and what type of people are coming int before deciding on what type of products I would be promoting.

If your Hubs are mostly about product reviews and gadgets, then you can add those tech products to your Hubs using the capsule buttons. It works really well and even if people don't buy from Amazon immediately, you find out that they later do so at a later date while your cookies are still active.


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