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How to create hubs that attract people

Updated on September 23, 2011

I find that my best hubs are the ones from themes I know more about!

That said, my advise is for you to write abbout stuff you really know: related to your job, to your hobbies, to your family business... anything you know at least a little about!

Other themes: imagine you're looking for an air conditioner for your home. You probably will find it hard to choose from hundreds of models... you'll do a little research, you'll ask for advise... and after a while you'll end up buying the unit that most feets your necessities. After all that trouble, why not writing a hub about that?

It's more than normal that if you have that difficulty in choosing, lots of other people will have too! So why not helping them with what you have figured out?

Attract more people to your hub

After you have figured out what to write about, and while you're thinking about the text, the structure the images, the videos for your hbu, give a visite to google external keyword tool!

With that tool you can look for the topic you're writing about and see which words people lookup more in the web, that are related to your hub!

Then use these words in your text and I'll bet that after a while you'll have much more visits to your hub!

But you have to relax, because it's not a "day after" improvement, google takes a while to index your hub and also you have to look for your competition!

Look out for your competition

Almost every second that goes by, there's one more person accessing the internet!

With blogs, hubpages, forums, wiki pages, personal pages, ..., there's probably someone else outthere (in the US, India or maybe China) that has also written about the same topic as you did (this info google's tool can also give you).

You have to pay attention to this and if the competition is really tuff, maybe you should write about other topic! In either case, you should always prime for great content, because if your hub is great, people will end up notice it and you'll get your google's score high up which will end up bringing you more and more visits!

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    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 6 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Thanks Chris :)

    • profile image

      chrisinhawaii 6 years ago

      Interesting hub...I really liked the illustration about buying a new AC. I never thought about doing hubs on stuff like that...seems kind of mundane, but you're right! People go to Google to learn how to do just about everything, so why not write a hub and put it out there for whoever needs to know?

      Thanks for this golden nugget of insight, Ibramos. Voted up and useful!


    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 6 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Hi Diana,

      It depends on your objective in hubpages... If you just love to write, your way is the way to go, just write about things we love!

      But there're also people who only use hubpages to make money, so they target the best keywords to use on their hubs.

      I personally have a few of both, and I've noticed that what I consider my best hubs are the ones with topics that I love the most or know more about it...

      So I also believe we should write about the things we love and then, after the hub is written, try to "monetize" it if possible!

      Thanks for your comment

    • Diana Grant profile image

      Diana Grant 6 years ago from London

      I write about things I want to write about, adding a few keywords as I go, and only then think about what might be relevant to sell. I don't claim high success rates financially, but at least my web pages have integrity, and enthusiasm

    • Cathleena Beams profile image

      Cathleena Beams 6 years ago from Lascassas, Tennessee

      Very helpful information on creating hubs that attract people. We all definitely want to do that. I have to remember to use Google's external keyword tool. This is something I don't always think about doing when I am in the process of creating a hub. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom on creating effective hubs.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      lol ah well, thanks for the link. I will continue to mine this question until I have an answer. Granted with the way my mind processes things I hope I don't annoy too many people on the journey. Believe it or not I had to fail English 1A 3 or 4 times before I aced it because I found a cold blooded analytical way to crank out the perfect paper every time.

    • gqgirl profile image

      Sabrae 7 years ago from Georgia

      Same goes here Jaggedfrost. My hub traffic is thru the roof, but no comments....hmmmmm

    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 7 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Here's the link for goodle's tool:

      Hi also have much more visits than comments, I haven't figured out that yet... If you get to some conclusion, please let me know ;)

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      hmm I am not sure that I have ever bothered to write about anything I don't know and I appreciate the information. I will have to look up the google key word tool unless that was the link you snuck in there. Besides that I was curious why my hubs seldom have more then 4 comments on any of them. I figure that there must be something that I am doing or someway I am wording things that is shutting down conversation. The number of hits I have on my articles is in no way in proportion to how many comments people have made.

    • gqgirl profile image

      Sabrae 7 years ago from Georgia

      Yes but, if we learn from our mistakes the next go round will be better. Unless we keep repeating those same mistakes then yes we are doomed! :)

    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 7 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Thanks! I really think that too, and I have the proofs for that... Sometimes I try to write about things I really don't know nothing about and the results... are really bad!!!

      And if we don't learn from our mistakes, we're condemned to failure :)

    • gqgirl profile image

      Sabrae 7 years ago from Georgia

      Very good information. people def want to read a hub when the writer first and foremost knows what they are talking about!


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