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How to get an Adsense Account For Indians

Updated on July 15, 2010

There was a time when it was very easy to get an Adsense account with a blog on blogger. But Now the time has changed and these days google has made strict TOS for adsense publishers. So getting approved by Adsense has became a great headache for the new bloggers.

If youre such a blogger then first of all you must understand why this has happened. Accoding to google it has made the changes coz of the Click frauds. Click fraud is self clicking of ads or clicking the ads by some automatic script.So, it is our fault as a publisher, we as a publisher must understand that if google is giving us a golden opportunity to earn so, is it ethical on our part to cheat it??? Definetly ‘NO’.


Ok. Now I will tell you how to make an adsense account.Believe me this works as it has worked for me and many others. Some people have reported that this technique doesn’t works but I think they are doing it the wrong way.

1.Make a new Gmail account. I repeat make a new account.

2. Sign up on & from there apply for adsense.

3. Maintain all the information same on both the docstoc and adsense account.

4. Complete your docstoc profile. Fully fill up all the information

5.Upload Copyright violation free documents. Upload at least 7 files.

Now if you don’t have any copyright free document then you can get them like this:

a. Go to google search type anything which you want to upload then a space then “filetype:pdf”

Eg: yourword filetype:pdf

You have to change the yourword with anything you want to upload.

b. Now you can save some pdf files. Open them and check is there anything about copyright written or not. If yes don’t upload it if no information on copywright is given you can use it.

6. Write perfectly the Title, Description & Tags for your uploaded files.

7. Be sure to allow access to your Adsense account when applying to adsense.

If you do it as I have told you can get your account within 3-4 days. After getting approval, you can use your adsense anywhere you want.


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    • ankitkaulmachama profile image

      ankitkaulmachama 7 years ago from Pune ,India.

      yep dear :-D

    • sharique1309 profile image

      sharique1309 7 years ago from Pakistan

      thanks ankitkaulmachama, do you had your adsense account in by this process..?