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How to grow your cleaning business

Updated on September 30, 2010

How to grow your cleaning service business

1: Take care of your existing customers. If you have happy customers, they will refer you to others.

2: Keep canvassing. Keep your eyes open for new business opportunities. Always keep your business cards in your wallet to present to possible new customers.

Type of canvasing you can do. Make an attractive fly-er or a brochure about your company and service that you provide. You don't have to spend a large amount of money. You can make your own on your computer and create your own. Make it simple, professional, informative, and attractive. You can mail these out to possible customers or leave it at their business locations when you are canvassing. Create a website that potential customers can view. Your website can be geared for the local area. This method can help you to promote your business.

3: Once you have a happy customer, always ask for referrals. Remember, to keep your customer, it might take more than just simply doing a good job every time. You need to build a relationship with your customer. * See section "Customer Care".

Your good service can be easily replaced by someone who offers a better price if you do not have a good relationship with your customer. Chat with you customer once in a while. Remember their anniversaries or special events, and if you can you do something (even if it is small), they will appreciate it and remember you.

5: Newspaper ads are very expensive and results are not really what you would expect to get for the amount you pay.

6: Yellow Page ad is also very expensive. Results might be better than Newspaper ad, but it will cost you a bundle to get this one. Note: If you have customers that you service occasionally a few times per year, make sure to send a business card or a brochure, or a promotional coupon to remind them that you are still in the business and you are interested in their business again. If they liked your service that you performed last time, they will call you back for sure. Take care your customers, they will take care of you in return.

Business aspect of it. As your business grows, you can purchase more tools and equipment as needed. Do not purchase expensive equipment, if you do not really need it. You can rent them at the local rental places. You will also need liability insurance for commercial account customers, if you would like to get into bigger and better accounts. You will need help, assistants, workers to do the labor, so you can concentrate in doing more important matters. Try look for workers from your relatives, friends, etc. that you trust. If you have to let him/her go later, that is just part of running a business. Do it courteously, professionally, never to burn the bridge with anyone. You never know, about the future of that person.

As your business grows, you need an accountant to take care your money matters, taxes, employee's pay checks,etc. As your employees grow in numbers, choose exceptional ones and start training to take over managerial duties. As your employees do most of the cleaning duties, make sure to have a regular inspection schedule of your customers sites.

Many contractors lose their business, due to employees not doing their job properly and neglecting to take care your customers. So, train them properly from the start and on going. Keep your employees reasonably happy. Provide on going training. Do regular inspection of all customer sites, possibly weekly or monthly.

Take steps to expand your business. Are you there already? Congratulations on your successes !!

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