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How to improve your Hub traffic using keyword discovery

Updated on June 18, 2013

A particular hubber could have as little as 10 articles on Hubpages and still be having up to a 1000 page views per day while another could have as much as 100 articles but barely making up to 100 page views a day. It depends on what kind of keywords his articles are based on. If you are concerned about getting more traffic to your hubs, then it's time you start writing what people are actually searching for.

One of the ways through which I have increased traffic to my Hubs by more than 400% within 2 months was by optimizing on highly searched keywords. I've written quite a number of hubs but what helped me optimize them for better traffic is by focusing on those keywords that were in hot demand based on queries.

A look at some of your traffic sources on your Hubpages account can be seen by going to my account > Traffic source or Stats > Traffic sources. However the problem with the report is that Hubpages only shows you the main referring urls such as, or but you don't get to see the queries or keywords bringing in such traffic. Most of the top referrers to your hubs are likely going to be search engines or from fellow Hubbers in the community. In order to increase your traffic through keyword optimization, you would need to discover those keywords that are highly searched and then work on them.

Google is a Top referrer

As you might have noticed in the list of your high referrers in your Hubpages traffic sources, you will see that one of the top referrers to your articles is Google. This is more pronounced for Hubbers who write good articles that get a good ranking on Google. Some of their hubs would even be listed on the top pages of Google search results.You will see that some of your articles which you probably take little notice of actually perform better on Google. Since Google is one of the most commonly used search engines and helps in bringing the most traffic to your site, then one way you can discover your best performing keywords is by taking advantage of the Google webmaster tools.

How to track your top keywords from Google

  1. Sign up for Google analytics and include your Hubpages sub-domain. Get your analytic code
  2. Go to Hubpages > My Account > Earnings > Reporting Settings > Google analytics
  3. Include your Google analytics code e.g. UA-1******
  4. Save the settings
  5. Now, go to Google webmaster tools and sign up if you haven't
  6. Add your Hubpages url to your list of websites
  7. Verify the submission using your analytics code

Now, you can monitor your traffic on webmaster tools and know which keywords feature your site so that you'd know how to better optimize your keywords. You can do this by going to search queries under your hubpages sub-domain in Google webmasters.

Write for Traffic

You will need to have written quite a lot of Hubs before you actually start discovering the best keywords for your Hubs. Some people already know which keywords are highly searched by taking advantage of Google insights/Trends, adwords or from past experience. You can also take advantage of the Hubs you've already written that are indexed by Google and performing well. Personally, I write hubs with a lot of keyword density and then take a look at high search queries related to my Hubs on Google webmasters before focusing on writing more hubs on those keywords. Personally, I like writing about tech, gadgets, science and religion and I've noticed that tech products have highly performing keywords. It really depends on which keywords perform best for you, discovering them and them working on them for better traffic. Writing for traffic is the easiest ways to increase traffic to your Hubs and you just need to know which keywords to focus on.

Personally, I initially just write a lot of articles and later on focus on those keywords that perform well to double my traffic. It works like magic!

More traffic means more money

Hubpages loves traffic and the more good traffic you bring to your Hubs, the more money you can make from it. You would need to write a lot of hubs without losing good quality too. Mathematically, you can increase traffic to your Hubs by simply writing thousands of articles but a quicker and more effective way to drive traffic to your huh address is by simply focusing on keywords that perform well.


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    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 

      5 years ago from Fountain, CO

      I'm still not understanding this keyword thing. I understand that keywords are words that people search that will allow them to find your articles, however, how to I find out which keywords I need to be using?

      I have gotten onto all of the companies both you and Hubpages suggests, but I am still struggling with finding the words I need to be using in my articles.

    • dumenep profile image

      Pierre Esaie Dumene 

      5 years ago from Dominican Republic

      Thank you so much I made it, it works

    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 

      5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Great hub, I am actually working on going back and re-doing some of the keywords on a few hubs tonight.

    • JanMaklak profile image


      5 years ago from Canada

      I have to agree about keywords. Articles I have written purposefully keyword dense do better than those written with no keywords in the thought process while writing. I have one hub that consistently produces traffic and ranks in second place on Google's first page. Now to work on the others....

    • lsamson profile image


      5 years ago

      That was a great hub! I have been intensely researching traffic generation and SEO over the last few months and this article really sums up an easy way to generate traffic. I voted up, useful and followed!

    • felix09 profile imageAUTHOR

      Felix Okoli 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for your comment

    • TheKemist profile image


      5 years ago

      great hub mate.


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