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How to increase traffic to your website with Hubpages

Updated on February 13, 2013

I'm not sure how many writers on Hubpages already realize this but the truth is that if you've got a website, you have the potential to increase the traffic your website or blog is already getting by leveraging on your Hubpage traffic.

There are certain hub articles that would do much better in search engines than your blog would. Because hubs get a highly ranked on search engine results, you can use them to also increase traffic to your website if you want, after all, it's your hub.

Hubpages allows hyperlinks

Hubpages rewards writers in a lot of ways such as affiliate promotions, ad sharing, referrals and hyperlinks. When you publish a Hub, you have the option of adding external links in them to a certain limit. Some of those links can be dofollow or nofollow but it really helps all the same. The focus however is to write good quality hubs and still be able to get some spill over traffic to your website for the long term.

When you add links to your website in your Hubs, you chances of getting more traffic to your website increases as that hub even gets more traffic.

Kinds of links you can get from Hubpages

As I said, Hubapges allows you to all links in your articles and this can be:

  1. Dofollow links
  2. Nofollow links

Dofollow links: These are hyperlinks you can add to your Hubs that have the tendency to improve your website's ranking in search engines. You will earn the ability to add dofollow links in your Hubs by the time you reach a minimum hubber score which for now I think is 75. There is also a minimum number of links you can add to a hub.

Nofollow links: These are also hyperlinks you can add to your hub articles that have the tendency to increase people traffic to your website. It may not directly improve your search engine ranking but just drive more traffic to our website from your hubs. Your links are more commonly nofollow if you have a lower hubber score.

So, even if the links on your hubs are dofollow or nofollow, you can still use them to drive more traffic to your site either from search engines or from hubapges respectively. dofollow links works best for search engines while nofollow works well for getting direct traffic from Hubpages.

Kinds of traffic you can get from Hubpages

People Traffic: This is simply direct traffic you get from people already visiting your Hubpages articles. They may click on an interesting link to your website after having visited your popular hubs perhaps to get more details. You can target more people traffic by making your hyperlinks relevant and interesting to your hub visitors.

Organic traffic: This is basically good organic traffic you can get from hubs linking to your website. You can optimize a hub to improve your website's ranking by simply making use of a dofollow link and this works well if you are already have good quality hubs. Organic traffic ultimately leads to people traffic which is still good for your website.


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