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How to make money from Hubpages without Google Adsense

Updated on February 16, 2014

Although linking your Google adsense account to Hubpages would increase your income channels, you can still make money from Hubpages without necessarily having an Adsense account.

Hubpages has a program that rewards writers for their Hubs and this is called the Hubpages Earning Program. For a writer to start making money from the Earning Program, he just needs to sign up for it and this requires a Paypal account and providing tax information.

Personally, for me, the Hubpages Earning program earns me more income than the Googe adsense income I get from my Hubs.

Google Adsense is a great way for writers and website owners to make money online as it pays publishers for the traffic they drive to advertisers through clicks and impressions but you can also make money from Hubpages directly, at least while you still process your application for an Adsense account.

Hubpages is a writing community that allows creative people to publish great articles on their platform and they've discovered that writers need an extra incentive besides just earning money from Google Adsense. With the Hubpages Earning program, you sort of get paid a royalty for your articles based on how much traffic they attract.

Getting Started with Hubpages Earning Program

To start making money even without your Google adsense account, you should ensure that you are already signed up with Hubpages and then sign up for their Earning program.

Things needed:

  • A Hubpages account
  • A Paypal Account
  • Your Tax information

What to do:

  1. Log into your Hubpages account
  2. Go to My Account > Earnings > Settings
  3. Click on the link that says Sign up for the Hubpages Earning Program
  4. Link your Paypal Account to Hubpages
  5. Submit your Tax information if necessary(Some countries may be exempt)

Next Steps

Now that you have signed up for the Hubpages Earning program, you'd be able to earn some income from it based on your writings and the page views it gets from people.

Next Steps

  1. Keep writing Quality hubs
  2. Sign up for Amazon and eBay affiliate program
  3. Go to your HubPages Earnings Program Settings and Include your Amazon and ebay affiliate ids
  4. Make use of eBay and Amazon affiliate Capsules when writing Hubs.

Now you will be able to earn income from your affiliate program as well as the Hubpages ad program without necessarily having a Google Adsense account.

I hope it was helpful


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    • felix09 profile image

      Felix Okoli 3 years ago from Nigeria

      I would advise that you first of all write a lot of useful hubs and as your traffic increases, you will then be able to start earning from Hubpages. If you still don't see any opportunity to earn directly from Hubpages, you can then apply for adsense. You just need to first have a lot of hubs and I recommend at least 100.

    • Bensabossatlife profile image

      Ben Smith 3 years ago from Duluth, GA

      wait where is the earning center? iv been every were and there is no button to activate my account. at the top of my earnings settings it says earning program not active is red banner. how do I do it? it says that amazon and ebay programs are inactive, and in order to activate them, hubpages wants an adsense account. please help?

    • felix09 profile image

      Felix Okoli 4 years ago from Nigeria

      @Bensabossatlife , if you'd done all you need to do, then leave it like that and focus on writing hubs about Amazon and ebay products. You would still be able to make money from their ebay and Amazon program.

      @mecheshier, yes, Hubpages has started their own in-house Amazon program. They claim you'd be able to earn more from them than if you were dealing with Amazon directly. You can activate that for your account by going to your earning center. It is not compulsory though as you can still make use of your Amazon affiliate account directly.

      @Luke Ellis, yes, I can still earn from both. I didn't exactly say that Hubpages earns me more income than Adsense since I run Adsense on a couple of my other niche sites outside Hubpages. My Adsense income is still more than what Hubpages pays me but when it comes to the adsense income which Hubpages solely generates for me when compared to their Earnings program HEP, the HEP pays me more since the Adsense income is shared.

    • Luke Ellis profile image

      Luke Ellis 4 years ago from Nottingham, England

      When you say that Hubpages earning programme earns you more than Google Adsense, are you still able to earn money from both?

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 4 years ago

      Nice Hub. Very informative for people new to HubPages. Do you happen to have the scoop on HubPages new Amazon program? I noticed that my account does not show any past or current sales since they made changes.

      Voted up for useful

    • Bensabossatlife profile image

      Ben Smith 4 years ago from Duluth, GA

      I enjoyed the article, here's the thing; I already have all my earnings program requirements setup, but it still says the earning program is not active, i have submitted all my legal info, paypal, everything. do i have to manually turn it on? sorry im new and any help would be greatly appreciated :)