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How to monitor google traffic to your Hubpages using webmaster tools

Updated on November 27, 2012

Writing for Hubpages is one of the ways you can use to expand you publishing network as it allows you to write and publish articles that would probably do better on Hubpages than on your own site.

It is one thing to write a good article on Hubpages and another thing for it to generate traffic or even be read by people. Hubs are meant to be read by people and if they are not forthcoming, it wouldn't be considered a useful hub.

Google is one of the top source of traffic to Hubpages and thse consiste of organic traffic that are the one of the best sought after forms of web traffic. If you have been writing for Hubpages and are looking for a way to improve your sub domain traffic, then you can do so by simply monitoring and optimizing your Hubs with Google webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools is an important tool for any serious SEO guy who wants to optimize a website's traffic.

The portal allows you to identify the keywords that are currently pushing traffic to your website from Google while at the same time offers you keywords that remain opportunities to you.

I have been able to use those opportunites to write more traffic converting articles for my hubpages sub domain and in this way increased my website traffidc within a few months.

With Google webmaster tools, you'd be able to capture those opportunities and then be able to improve your site's traffic from Google.

How to monitor your Hubpages with Google webmaster tools

  1. First your must get setup a Google analytics account and get your tracking code for your hubpages url
  2. Paste the code in your Hubpages settings account where analytics is listed
  3. Be signed up with Google webmasters and add and verify your url using the same analytics code.

If your site has already been receiving Google traffic, you can then see the keywords under queries. You can also see other queries that you are not yet optimizing and you'd be able to optimize it for more traffic.


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