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How to shop on Amazon from outside the USA

Updated on February 14, 2013

Amazon offers a wonderful shopping experience

When it comes to online shopping, there are rarely no websites that does it much better than Amazon is practically the largest online retail site in the world and there are just a lot of goods you can choose from. From laptops, jewellery, clothing, shoes, movies, computers, mobile phones, cupboards, batteries, electronics, dvd players and so on. The list is almost endless when it comes to online shopping at Amazon.

I don't live in the USA but I've been able to order online at the Amazon store and have it shipped internationally to my country using my bank issued Visa and Mastercard on several occasions.

International shipping is a problem

A lot of people would love to shop at Amazon but one of the major problems international shoppers have to deal with is the fact that most of the favourite products tend to only come with US shipping and some of these are free. For US online shoppers, Amazon remains a favourite destination since there are a lot of bargains, discounts and free shipping that comes with shopping at this marketplace.

There are lots of different sellers on the Amazon retail store, including popular brands. These are sellers who have signed up as merchants with Amazon to sell their wares to Amazon customers. Amazon also has it's own direct retail store where they sell directly to buyers and all these creates a much larger virtual warehouse.

For people living in the USA, shopping with Amazon is a breeze as all you really need is an Amazon account, credit card and a US shipping address.

For international shoppers, they would have to stick with shopping at their Amazon local store if any or simply shop at for products that come with international ship and these are just few products. Yes, Amazon does offer international shipping for some select products depending on the country you are coming from and some of these products include DVDs, VHS, T-shirts, books and some other little items. Not a cool list for people who love to shop tech gadgets, fashion and perhaps perfumes.

How do you then shop for any product you want from the Amazon store and ship to your country outside the USA or Amazon covered areas?

Things you'll need

  1. Your local credit card e.g. Visa or Mastercard
  2. Ensure you already have an Amazon shopping account
  3. Get a US mail forwarding service (You can Google for this)

Mail forwarding service

A US mail forwarding services is what really did the trick for me as it allowed me to buy any item I want with a US shopping address and then re-ship it to my country in as little as 5 days via DHL. It works like magic. This is a kind of service that gives you a US shipping address while you can always use your country's billing address to which your credit or debit card is attached. You can order for a mail forwarding service with your credit card and then you'll receive a US mailing address which you'll then use to receive all items you order for at Amazon.

How a US mail forwarding service works

  1. Your order for it using your credit card and make the payment
  2. You'll get a US shipping address to use for shopping at any US store like Amazon
  3. You update your shipping address in your Amazon account
  4. Get to know what items are allowed for importation in your country first
  5. You can then order for anything import allowed using the US address
  6. You'll be able to track your Amazon order within the USA
  7. You get an email or notification when your US address receives goods
  8. You then request for shipping to your country and pay the shipping fee per kg

So, after setting up a US mail forwarding account at the first instance, the only other fee you'll be paying per shipment would be the standard international shipping fee which you can always estimate from your service provider's website or courier service. When your item also gets shipped via an international courier service like DHL, you'll be notified with the tracking number too.

I've been able to buy stuff like laptops, mobile phones, computer parts and flash drives and it takes approximately around 7 days to get to my address using DHL international shipping.


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