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How to shop on ebay if your country has been blacklisted

Updated on March 3, 2013

Shopping on ebay can exciting and can offer one of the best bargains from online shopping. You get to see a lot of used and new products are ridiculously low prices too. Personally I would say that prices of products on ebay are among the best levels.

It's fun to find things you really need on ebay and have them delivered to your home via USPS when you are resident in the US. Sellers on website would readily ship to addresses within the US and occasionally internationally to buyers in trusted regions but it can be almost impossible to buy from ebay if you are located in any untrusted region, especially the ones that have been blacklisted by ebay.

Due to the rising cases of fraudulent purchases on ebay for which a lot or merchants have been losing thousands of dollars, the website has blacklised several countries, ip addresses and email addresses which have been identified as untrusted buyers.

How do you get to shop online on ebay from a blacklisted country, region or ip address? How do you get to buy those items listed on ebay even if you were currently in Nigeria, a country noted for having featured a high number of scam buyers on ebay?

What if you were a honest buyer from a blacklisted country and want to get the items listed on ebay sent to you? Well, it is quite possible to do so as all you need to do is follow the steps I'm listing out here.

Things you would need

  1. A Virtual Private Network(VPN) service
  2. A Virtual Credit Card or US credit card
  3. US shipping address
  4. An ebay account
  5. A paypal account

VPN service:

This is a network service that works with your internet connect and gives you a unique ip address related to the ebay website you want ot buy from. If you are interested in buying from the US website, then you need a VPN that has a US ip address. For paypal, it has to be a dedicated ip address that is to be used by you alone. One you have this, you will be able to shop on ebay without having to be blocked by ebay when doing your shopping. At times Paypal and ebay do flag accounts that appear to be compromised as a result of a change in ip or untrusted ip. So, even for a regular US ebay user, you may encounter cases of limitations in your account if you travel to a country like Nigeria and still want to do shopping on ebay. So get a VPN service to avoid this issue. Payments for a VPN service cost about $10 per month.

Virtual Credit Card

This is only necessary If you don't have a credit card from the same country where the ebay store is located.It is not a physical card but a virtual one that is not tied to any physical address and this means the you can use it anywhere in the world with your local address. This is necessary if you don't have a US credit card when shopping on or a country's credit card when shopping on a geographically located ebay website. I recommend using it with a US address when shopping on and for that you'd need a US address too. There are lots on websites that sell virtual credit cards or VCCs as they are called for a fee.

US shipping address

When shopping on an ebay store like the US, you'd also need to have a US address if you really want to have the widest access to a lot of sellers. So, even if you are international buyer, just get a US mail forwarding address and this would help you to easily receive goods and consolidate them for later shipping to your destination. US shipping or mail forwaring addresses are easily available and the costs is about $10 per use or $60 per year for membership accounts. The only other thin you would have to be paying for is the shipping fee which is variable and depends on the weight.

A Paypal account

They may be other ways to make payment on the ebay website but the most preferred form of payment is Paypal and this would be helpful to you if you have one with funds in it. A lot of sellers readily accept paypal especially users from the same country where they are selling from. Paypal allows for easy buying from ebay merchants.

How to shop on ebay from a blacklisted location outside the US

  1. Connect to the internet and also connect your VPN service
  2. Go to and select buy now items
  3. Ship to your US mail forwarding address
  4. Get notified when you receive the shipment
  5. Make arrangement for shipping to your country and make payment
  6. Track your shipment online and expect to receive it.

It would probably take about 7 days for international shipping to reach you. Just make sure you keep using the same ip for ebay and Paypal when shopping on the website so as not to get flagged for being from a blacklisted country.

I hope this helps.


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