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How to Speed up the Internet with Flash Applications Speed

Updated on April 13, 2016

The application whose name flash speed 200% that became solutions help PAL in overcoming internet connection slow PAL. Flash Speed can help accelerate internet pal who uses a Modem, LAN, Cable Modem, ADSL, VDSL, HSDL FRIDAY, and more.

And its use is quite easy, below I give tutorial how to use it:

1. open the Flash Speed 200% PAL.

2. Select the Network Type "Modems" or customize your internet connection that use PAL.

3. At the "Speciality" check all the options. So that full high 200%.

4. After that click on the "Optimize"

5. Modem Connection Welcome PAL to become 200% aka very high.

Using the flash speed 200%, hopefully internet connection modem PAL smoother and firmer. Welcome to use.

application here >>

and you Must Download this File to Completed Install

And you can also try to speed up the internet with any software or application below

1. Onespeed 6.0.9

Not just katnaya but this software can indeed increase the speed of the internet becomes 2 times faster compared to internet before you wear this one piece of software, these applications support for (dial-up – 10 x Faster, Broadband – 5 x Faster, Mobile connections – 8 x Faster).

3. DSL Speed

DSL course application was able to increase the speed of the internet such as (for example, ADSL, G. lite, IDSL, SDSL) with DSL Speed you will feel the maximum speed the conditions on the internet

4. Internet Turbo

This is the software that is most in demand and many in use, just imagine your internet will be faster around 200-300%

5. Modem Booster

As the name suggests the modem booster, the application it is created for the user the modem that is able to improve the internet become 300%

6. Firefox Ultimate Optimizer

Used on the firefox web browser that is able to minimize the RAM usage on your web browser so much faster in data menstrasfer

7. Faster Fox

Same as above firefox Ultimate Optimizer, This is special applications firefox but this is plguin firefox


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