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How to use Google Analytics on your website

Updated on June 16, 2011

Webmasters, other than building, must determine the layout and settings of a website, but they also have to pay close attention to its performance like traffic from visitors, pages most viewed, most effective keywords used to search the site, and so on. Usually hosting services provide this kind of information mentioned above, but now we are going to talk about Google Analytics, which is a service completely free provided by Google, that lets you keep an eye on all traffic generated from your site, with all types of performance and goals achieved.

Let's see how to use it on your web page:

First, make sure you have a Google Account. If you don’t have it yet, create one and then go on the website of Google Analytics ( to begin with the activation of the service.

Complete all the required fields (e-mail, password etc…), then click “I accept. Create my account” at the end of the page.

Now you will be redirected on your personal page of Google Analytics; click on the link “Add Website Profile” situated on the bottom of the page of “Analytics Settings” and provide the URL with your time zone to register your website, then click “Finish” at the bottom to complete.

From here you will be redirected to the next page ”Tracking Code”; copy the code that you will find at the option number 2 at the center of the page and paste it immediately before the closing </head> tag of your website (located in the HTML of the page). You will have to paste the code on every page that you want to track.

At this point return to Google Analytics “Tracking Code” (the page where you copied the code) and click “Save and Finish” at the bottom. You've just finished setting up your Google Analytics account.

Congratulations, from now on, every time you log into Google Analytics, you can view the recorded statistics, such as Visits, Pageviews, Average time on site, Traffic Sources and much more. You can also access Google Analytics from your Google Account and check all the other tools available for your website.


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, this is great! I have never done this because I took one look at it and thought, later! lol thanks for the info, cheers nell