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How to Use HubPages and Make Money

Updated on February 23, 2017

How Earning Money Works on HubPages

Earning money on HubPages can be a joy, but it might not be for everyone, especially if you do not have and AdSense account, as this is one of the main ways to use HubPages and make money. But don't worry, all is not lost, as this is also one of the easiest ways to get a Hosted AdSense account. Basically, this means you are enrolled in the AdSense program through a hosted account, this also means that it will only work on HubPages and other Google partners like YouTube.

If you don't have an AdSense account it's OK, at the bottom we will list what you need to do to become a partner through HubPages and how to make it thrive, for now, you can simply follow the steps below as these will be required in order to achieve your hosted AdSense account.

There is one more way you can use HubPages and make money

Another way you can earn is by placing an Amazon capsule in your article this will allow you to link to your Amazon referral program, it is free to sign up.. Go To Amazon and scroll all the way down until you see this, now click on Become an Affilia
Another way you can earn is by placing an Amazon capsule in your article this will allow you to link to your Amazon referral program, it is free to sign up.. Go To Amazon and scroll all the way down until you see this, now click on Become an Affilia | Source

Step 1: Sign Up

First things first you will have to go sign up at HubPages, there is really nothing to it, it is also free and requires no fee, once you are set up on HubPages, the first thing you should do is prepare, this will include a background image, your PayPal details they only pay via PayPal, you will also want to create a logo or if you are a single individual then place a picture of yourself.

Step 2: Write Content

Now that you are all set up and ready to use HubPages and make money, we can get to the fun part, that is writing articles, these articles should be truly unique or it will get a strike, this also means that if you continue doing this you will eventually be banned.

You probably had all this planned, to have a niche that you will thrive in, if not then the best advice we can give you to have a long lasting relationship with HubPages would be to write green articles.

Green articles is an article that can last for years to come, for instance, if you wrote an article about a game then the view might last a bit, though in the end as time goes by it will be forgotten, the hype for the game starts decreasing on day one and lets say one year from now that article about that game will have no views as no one is interested in old games.

Compare that to an article on How to create a doll or an article in your own words "The American History" and you will quickly come to realize that these articles are much greener than a game review,movie review a green article is something that will never get old as it will still be searched in the future and it will still provide information of the next few months to come if not years.

So in order to generate enough traffic to use Hubpages and make money then green articles is a must.

Step 3: Realize Content Isn’t Enough

While writing green articles will stack your views and last much longer, you will realize that this isn't always enough to get the most out of, you will need to do Keyword Research, it is important to write things people care about most and search the most, at least this should be your goal for now. To break that up for you, write about green articles that are trending and the ones that have the most searches.

Step 4: Research Keywords

There are many ways to research keywords and this topic is too wide to discuss in this article, however, one first tip would be to go and check what is trending on Google trends it is free for you to use.

Unlike other sites that allow you to publish your own content to allow your own keyword tags, HubPages don't so be sure to add your Keywords in your article Tittle then make sure it is added in the Hyperlink (the link to your article)

Trends for the word DIY Vs. Do It Your Self So if this was a Hub about bath bombs your tittle will be better found if it were Do it your self Bath Bombs instead of DIY Bath Bombs.
Trends for the word DIY Vs. Do It Your Self So if this was a Hub about bath bombs your tittle will be better found if it were Do it your self Bath Bombs instead of DIY Bath Bombs. | Source

Step 5: Write More Content

We do not have to remind you that one article won't be enough, write as much as possible, its the best advice anyone can give you, the more you have the more people can discover you not only on Google but in HubPages as well, one green article will make you a lot less than 20 green articles as this will make a lot lest compared to 400 green articles.

Green articles take time this much we know, though at the end of the day or the end of the week and month it will surely pay off a lot more than an article about a movie or a game and even technology.

Share your content here, directly from your hub article.
Share your content here, directly from your hub article. | Source

Step 6: Share Your Content

Sharing your articles with other sites is just as important it also plays a role in Google ranking you slightly higher, besides that it will also get you more views, we don't have to explain that but just for interests you can only imagine the results if you didn't share it or if you did share it with lets say 1000 Facebook friends or 10,000 twitter followers.

While HubPages only allow you to submit your article to Flipboard, Pinterest and Facebook, you can always go to your Social Network and make a post linking back to your article, simply log into your Tumblr for example, grab your featured image you use on your HubPages article and list a few facts with a link to your article on HubPages, the same with twitter and other Networks.

Follow this little guide as much as possible
Follow this little guide as much as possible | Source

Step 7: Keep At It

Now it is all about how much your write, how many views you get, you can now repeat Step 4-6, write as much as possible, research your keywords for maximum effect (always use long tailed keywords, follow the upper right guide on HubPages as much as possible.

Register for Monetization

In order to use HubPages and make money you will need a google AdSense account, If you already have one then you can skip this final step, if you don't you can follow the next important list in order to get excepted for hosted AdSense.

  • Have a minimum of 20 Articles, that is well written, easy to find on HubPages (featured on HubPages)
  • Total Word count should be 20,000-28,000 words.
  • They should have a few views as well, in other words, not 20 articles that have been published in the same day rather 20 articles that were publish over 20 - 40 days, of course, the longer the better.
  • Your profile information must be complete.

Once you have this you can submit your application through HubPages, you will go to the Adsense program from there follow the needed steps, once it is submitted all you can do is wait this can take a week and at times even two weeks.

You will receive an E-mail that either explains that your are approved and are now a partner or you will be rejected, don't stress if this is the case write another article then submit the form again, repeat until you get approved.

Note: In some countries your HubPages/Youtube and even website needs to be 6 months and older to be in requirements to earn through the Adsense program if not then no matter how much content you have if it's not 6 months they will reject you every time, it should also be noted you can't open an account now and then wait 6 months before you start work, you will still get rejected.

Would you like to add anything? Want to share your thoughts or ask for help, please do so in the comments down below, on the right, click "Lets get Social" to follow us on any of or social platforms for the latest updates in tips and tutorials, see you there.

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    • Jamie M Ryan profile image

      Jamie M Ryan 3 months ago from Florida, United States

      Phillip, your article is very informative and really easy for a new user to read along. Great job putting this together for the newcomers and it's a great refresher for more seasoned hubbers.

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 3 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      John; you need to write articles, submit them, and then have them approved in order to make money on the site. :)

    • johntrade profile image

      John 11 months ago from Roseville, MN

      interesting hub! ...I have been using Hubpages for nearly 6 years..however, I have never earn any buck from it.