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How to value your hubpages - Expected value of a Hubpages Portfolio

Updated on December 27, 2011

Only a few writers get really rich. But writing is a creative act and the content you create has an economic value. In this hub, I'll describe a way to attach an approximate value to your hub portfolio. And then extend it to get a measure of how well you are writing from a money-making point of view. Bear in mind, the examples are completely hypothetical. Here we go.

One way to value an asset is to look at the annual income produced. Say for example you have written 20 hubs which made $10 income over a year. To establish a value for your writing asset, you need to calculate the equivalent amount of money that would give a $10 return at an annual interest rate of say 5%. At 5% interest you would have to invest $200 to earn $10 income. So in a sense the hypothetical hubs are worth $200 with each hub worth $10 on average.

The more you write the more each of your articles should be worth - writing improves with practice and there's a higher likelihood that one of your articles will be popular. So let's take one more example - say you have 100 hubs that generated $80 annually. To generate $80 at a 5% return would require an initial investment of $1600. Then each hub is worth $16 on average.

There's another benchmark you can use to get a rough second check on the value of a well-written hub. I read somewhere on the site that Hubpages pays experienced hubbers $25 to write hubs on specific topics following stringent guidelines. Since Hubpages is a business, I'm guessing that they expect to earn the $25 back over a year.

So if a well-written hub returns $25 in a year how do your hubs stack up. In the case above 20 hubs returned $10 in a year or only .50 on average. Obviously .50 is much less than $25 so that writer has lots of room for improvement in topic selection, keyword choice, title-tuning and so on. Even in the second example of $80 income from 100 articles the average article is only returning .80 way below the well written hubpage benchmark.

Anyway there you are a way to value your hubpages portfolio and also a benchmark to see how well you're writing.


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