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How to write a Good Hub on HubPages and get maximum payout?

Updated on November 12, 2014


I have seen many people offline and online searching for various jobs. They have good writing skills, but, they do not know where to utilize them and get paid even for writing. Some come to know about HubPages. They write articles. Yet, they get disappointed when they see getting very less payout out of their article due to less views. This hub contains some tips for these hubbers and the new hubbers for writing good articles and getting maximum payout out of their hub (or articles). Below are some of the major points which you should keep in mind while writing an article.

1. Decide who you are writing for.

Before beginning to think about what you will be writing, think of the audience for whom you are writing the article. Then, think about your article. Ideas will automatically start popping up in your mind.

Decide who you are writing for

2. Identify what your readers need.

Question yourself, "What I will be looking in this article if I visited it?"
Of course, you'll find an answer to this question. Write according to your answer.

Identify what your readers need

3. Be passionate about your article.

Be sure to be passionate about writing your article. Try not to get bored while writing your article. Do not leave your article in middle.

Be passionate about your article

4. Expand your knowledge

Do not just write what you know about the article. Read newspapers, magazines, other articles you may find on internet and anything else which might increase your knowledge about the article. This will help your article become informative. Also, this may increase the number of views you get on your hub.

Expand your knowledge

5. Decide the length of your article.

Don't just start writing your article. Set a goal of length of your article. This will help you to write more and more to achieve your goal.

Decide the length of your article

6. Point down your article.

Before starting to write your article, take a pen and paper, and write down in brief points what are you going to write in your article. This will help you in not missing any point when you start writing your article.

Point down your article

7. Start Writing your Article.

Once you have done these things, start writing your article. Always follow KISS - "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Be as precise as much you can while writing your article. Write in an environment which is quite comfortable for you and do not distracts you. Do not get up from your seat before finishing your article.

Start Writing your Article

8. Read and Submit your Article.

After finishing writing your article, read your article to check if you have written everything in your article and you have not done any grammatical mistake. After finishing these all steps, finally submit your article.

Read and Submit your Article

9. Learn from your mistakes.

Last but not the lease tip - After submitting your article, it may get rejected several times. You will also be given the reason why it was rejected and what you need to improve. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat the same. Once your article gets published and you have followed all the steps, it is more likely to receive more views and you are likely to get more payout.

Learn from your mistakes

FINALLY - Get Paid

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