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How to write a Hub In detail.

Updated on April 15, 2012

The first place you need to go to is:

or just click on create a hub at the top of the screen. If you do so now before reading this article your world will blow up like the Death Star. Feel free to end your life at any time by clicking that button before I am ready to let you. You will then know the full power of the writing dark side buawhahahaha.

Next choose a title by entering something in the box next to "choose a title." If you choose the wrong one your world will explode into tiny pieces so don't do it while you haven't taken your xanex. When you are ready to enter the world of writing whether someone laughs at your tiny pieces or not feel free to continue and pick a title.

Don't change the hub address that is automatically created for you as you type. We have little elves in the back tied to explosives that will blow up into tiny pieces if you do. If you are feeling peevish and sadistic go ahead and change it. Otherwise leave it alone.

Choose a category and sub categories to place your article in. Remember, if you don't find what you are looking for in a category try try again. This is an excellent way to get notice for your hub or get it lost in one of the elves' shoe boxes tied to the explosive which someone else might push the wrong button and detonate on accident. Seriously speaking you might want to think about which shoe box you put your article in, it matters somehow and might get flagged and laughed at if you don't. Then your world will blow up and explode into little bitty pieces. Cue the canned laughter. Remember that the closer you can get to the subject matter of your hub the easier it will be fore people to find your work.

Because I am willing to risk global annihilation here I have chosen:

HubPages Tutorials and Community → HubTool Tutorials → Text Capsule

I think this shoe box might just work out for me, if not oh well. If I live through the explosion someone will rub it in my face and force me to change it. No big deal, almost.

This will bring you to an advanced tool, "Choose a Starting Layout," There are three basic lay outs. Choose the first one and you can experiment latter once you have saved the world from global annihilation.

Your article needs tags, tags are words that will take searchers to your article. There is a limit to how many you can use but you probably won't reach that limit any time soon and if you do the system will warn you.

Next click continue. If you really are in dire need of information that it offers you can get it on your next hub or if you violate these instructions. Either way you will have it so we can move on.

Now my url at the top reads

Yours will reflect your bravado and courage while you wait for the world to explode. On this page there are three basic bubbles that you need to know about to proceed: edit, stats, and delete. "Suggest links" isn't important until you actually have an article to work with so forget about that for now.

"Edit" will take you to the first stage of writing your hub. "Stats" wont tell you anything until you have written your hub but it might be nice to look at every now and again if you are vain. "Delete" isn't really relevant until you have already written the article or are particularly embarrassed about anything you have done so far. That isn't much and what there is is probably editable later on. The only thing it will do that cant be done later is it will delete your reservation of the address to your article. If that is what is making you blush then by all means delete the article and start these instruction over again.

After clicking "edit" There are three bubbles on top which you don't need right now and three headings down the left half of your screen which you do.

For right now just worry about the one that states "text." Click again on the box that says edit next to the word text in the same grey box. Suspend your curiosity about the other icons because those will edit your format and complicate your life making your world explode.

Once you have clicked on edit you will get to a screen that has a box for typing in it that will be headed with the same word "text" next to that will be two icons "save" which will save your article; and "discard changes" which won't be necessary unless you embarrassed yourself and the mere fact that you have something to blush about makes you want to commit seppuku. Later it might help but editing your work will work just as well unless your document gets rather involved as well as any edits you make to it. Those are advanced lessons in writing stupidity and genius and well... we haven't gotten there yet.

Entering data into the "Capsule Subtitle" will shout to the world how you want people to begin thinking when reading your work. Putting anything there is an artistic faux pas which you are welcome to at any time to do or a brilliant strategy of emphasis that we will cover latter on if there is a latter on and you don't push any buttons that will make your world explode.

After you are done hyperventilating at whether your family dead and alive might hate you forever for writing whatever it is you have written you can click on "save" at the top of your little window encased in dark grey. Any other action will make your world explode into little bitty pieces.

Lastly, once you click on save, click publish at the top of your screen unless you are shaking with fear and still waiting for the goblins to come out and eat your flesh off your bones with a lot of tooth picks.  That might happen you know.  

Ta Da, you have finished the Jaggedfrost tutorial on creating a hub.  The world has been defused now and you can mess things up as much as you want to.  

WARNING: This article was read to a room full of chimps, and placebo junkies and half of the test subjects became incoherent afterwards.  Please read with caution unless it is too late.  If the latter is true, cross your chest in abject misery and say after me, "Good bye cruel world."  You are now free to move about the website, fare well.   


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      I was surprised that no one had written this tutorial before. I just couldn't conscience doing so without having some fun. I however, when I find people who wanted to write was tired of not being able to help them by sending them to a hub. Now i can. They will also get a good laugh in return as well.

    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      toss in a few incendiaries for good measure, a claymore just in case someone tries to back out of their sign up stage and ultimately I think you may have an explosive Hub here...LOL Had to come and see what was up...