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How to Write an Effective Hub Comment

Updated on October 10, 2012

I belong to several writing sites and there is one gripe that keeps emerging across all sites and it has to do with insincere comments. An insincere comment is a comment that has been written for the sake of it to boost one's own hub score.

Below are some pointer to help construct an effective hub comment.

Stay away from the generics

I admit that I am probably guilty of using generic comments from time to time. If I visit a great hub I will want to let the author know how much I enjoyed reading their article, but sometimes I just can't find the right words and everything I write comes off sounding generic. In this situations, I simply just vote the hub up and don't bother commenting.

Never write a comment just for the sake of it. The comment will simply end up sounding forced.

Personally, I don't mind if my hubs get generic comments, because at the end of the day, any comment will make my hub look updated in Google's eyes, and the way I see it at least someone took a few minutes out of their day to leave a comment on my hub. Obviously I prefer thought out comments, but I wont deny generic comments. However, I think I may be in the minority on that view.

Either make reference to something specific in a hub, or add additional information (if relevant) in your comment.

Stay on Topic

It's easy to go off on a tangent when writing a hub. Try to make a specific reference to something in the hub. If the hub is a top ten favorite list, mention one of the items that is your favorite too. If it is a travel hub about your last vacation destination add your travel tip to the comment.

Commenting on an author's typos and then having typos in your comment is not a good look.


Remember to proofread your comment before hitting the submit button. Hub Pages gives hubbers a 10 minute window to edit comments. This little 10 minute window has been a great help to me as I often type really quickly before which causes little typos here and there.

Do you always comment on a hub after reading it?

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Comment Dont's

  • Don't post links promoting your own hubs. Someone's hub is not real estate for your own self-promotion. If you do want to mention a hub that has relevance, don't post the url, simple mention the hub title. By writing an informative comment, people will naturally click on your profile to find that hub.
  • Don't point out errors. If their are excessive errors such as typos, simply flag the content for the moderators to deal with. There is debate on this issue in the Hub community. Some feel that pointing out errors in a comment is acceptable, I tend to disagree. An author's hub is a public viewing space. If you point out errors future readers will see it. That can affect a hubbers credibility and their confidence. Flagging the content is the proper procedure to follow. If you really feel that you should contact a Hubber personally, use their personal contact form on their profile page.
  • Don't write offensive comments. You don't have to agree with the viewpoint of other people's comments or the hub author, but their are diplomatic ways to show your point of view without making anyone else feel inferior.

Before writing a comment, ask yourself If you were on the receiving end of your comment how would you feel.


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    • WebsiteConfetti profile image

      Ness 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for your comment tirelesstraveler. You're right I should have put an option for 'almost always, because their are days when you just don't feel like commenting, but you still want to read hubs. I probably comment 1 out of every 5 hubs that I read.

      I never picked up on the voting line having almost the same font and color as goggle ads before! Would be great if they added a tiny bit of a different color to it. Even if the hand icons color were different it would make it blend in less.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      The 10 minutes to proofread and change the comment, has saved myself more than once.

      Wish there was an, "almost always" on your survey. Until yesterday I always left comments. Yesterday, I just couldn't bring myself to leave a comment on a hub I read.

      Thanks for the reminder to vote. With the new look the voting line kinda blends into the ads and gets lost.

    • WebsiteConfetti profile image

      Ness 5 years ago from Australia

      Thank you for your insightful comment Vrijdag. That's a great tip and one that I had never thought of. Much appreciated!

    • profile image

      Vrijdag Pages 5 years ago

      The best way to write a comment for someones help is to include the keywords to the topic. It helps boost their site.

      You have a very good hub here about an effective way to write comments.

      See what I did?

      Voted up!