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Writing Hubs for Charity

Updated on June 10, 2013

Giving Away My Hub Earnings

I started writing on hubpages about four and a half years ago. I do not recall how I found hubpages, but I am glad I did.

I was going through a period of fear, financial disaster and knew writing in a public forum was needed. I had to let the World know about fraudulent loan modification companies, unscrupulous attorneys and crappy banks who fooled most of us Americans into faulty loans and debt we could never pay off. Misery does love company. Even today my first hub is one of more successful ones. I still get people stopping by and posting.

Have I earned money? Yes. Have I earned fame? No. I would not consider myself one of the "star" hubbers. In fact the majority of my hubs are totally ignored, but then again, I do not write these hubs with any intention of gaining fame or fortune. To the contrary, it is the purging and peace gained by writing that is worth more than any accolades of fame or money-although, money enough to live on and quit my day job would be nice!

Over the last four plus years, I have earned about $150.00 dollars. 85% of the money has been donated, mostly to animal rescue organizations local to my community. I did, however, once donated to an US soldier who had all his gear stolen from a car while on leave. I had no idea our soldiers are required to pay out of pocket for their uniforms, boots and other necessary equipment. He lost about $800 worth of stuff. My $50.00 was not much but if it helped, I am happy to give.

Money made on hubpages is "passive" income from ads placed on my hub. These ads sometimes are related to the topic of my hub, but more often have nothing to do with content of my hub. Either way, I am grateful for the pennies collected from the ads which add up to dollars over a period of about 90 days.

There was only one time I spent the money made from my hubs on myself (and my husband too). We were at a local winery attending a concert. My mad hub money bought us a very nice bottle of wine and some appetizers. As we sat under the stars among the vineyard on that balmy night listening to the live music, I thought this was the most perfect way to enjoy money that I really did not have to labor long and hard to earn.

Giving away the money I earn from google ads posted to my Hubs seems like the right thing to do. The money was earned without much labor and given away to help small animals. It's not much but I hope it helps.

What do you do with your earnings?

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