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Hub Emotional Attachment Disorder - Enough But Not Too Much

Updated on March 5, 2012

An Old Mental Hospital That Housed Hub Attachment Patients

from Flickr - perspective23
from Flickr - perspective23

Online Writing Disorder Described

Hub emotional attachment disorder is a psychological issue that has many varied symptoms and is often times hard to properly diagnose without extensive counseling sessions that may also include brain neurotransmitter altering substances such as smart drugs, aka nootropics. However, while it is true that many of the symptoms related to hub emotional attachment disorder can be problematic and require professional medical treatment, mild cases of HEAD are often considered by doctors in the know to be benign and even beneficial to those inflicted. In fact, some online writers will tell you that they actually able to do their best work while getting HEAD therapy.

While hub emotional attachment disorder applies specifically to the articles written for the Hubpages platform, it is a subset of a broader class of disorders for online writing emotional attachment problems in general. The medical literature has begun to recognize this health issue that was often painted as pseudoscience in the years before the Google Panda Update tribulations. Panda was a man-made natural disaster that was responsible for a series of epidemic outbreaks of hub emotional attachment disorder in various online writing communities, although many have been able to recover in the face of falling traffic. Confronted with this undeniable increase in HEAD cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) has revised the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems to include new nomenclature to address the disorder. New cures are being developed.

Hub attachment disorder, as previously stated, can be a welcome and beneficial trait when not taken to the extreme by online authors. Many would suggest that if you do not feel emotionally attached to at least a mild degree, then you are doing online writing wrong. The pride, sense of accomplishment, and even the desire to be well received by readers is an important trait and one that motivates the hubber to produce quality work. If one is just producing mass quantities of garbage posts to provide text for contextual ads and affiliate programs then the internet suffers with the author. Lack of attention to excellence causes the online writer's work to suffer. It would be hard not to argue that a complete lack of hub emotional attachment disorder is anything but a disability that will manifest itself in everything from grammatical errors to a more serious lack of style or unique voice for the author. Indeed, programmatic copy and spun content will not only be bad for the reader and author, but it will usually not work for those looking to make a quick profit either.

So while hub attachment disorder can be a great asset in the writer's mind to open new creative outlets and inspire profluent streams of ideas, an excess obsession with one's writing can be as harmful as none at all. A new hubber must understand that feedback can often be sparse and sometimes negative on even the best written pieces of work. This may be due to a variety of factors: lack of keyword research and seo practices, a small social networking "platform" or audience, or even a lack of current interest in the topic. It is wise to understand that the most traffic should eventually be coming from organic search results and not try to focus too hard on internal feedback. It takes time for articles to mature in the eyes of the search engines, and many new writers will be discouraged by their lack of immediate success. Just look at it this way: Charles Dickens himself could come back from the grave and publish a brand new short story on Hubpages, and it is likely to not get very many hits without the necessary promotional effort that online publishing requires.

Be patient and produce quality work and the recognition you are looking for is bound to emerge like a sliver of a sunshine ray through a winter cloud yhat is harvesting snow. Maintain a slight case of HEAD to keep you intrigued with your characters and the places they inhabit, or to keep your mind interested in the fascinating new subject that your research is discovering. Do not take it to the extreme and things will work out in an orderly natural process. If you are interested in something, there are many more who will be as well. Just give it time.


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