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Hub Pages Success Story? Follow Me.

Updated on July 28, 2011

Becoming a Trail Blazer for HubPages

I started writing a little bit about a year ago, and quickly gave up due to stress, school, work, and just life in general. I wasn't trying to make money, but I was hoping for a little bit of extra income, but my heart wouldn't broken if I hadn't made a dime. My email kept filling up, updates about HubPages every once in awhile, but I didn't have the time or the drive to continue doing it. I didn't really care what I was doing right or wrong, I just enjoyed writing. I wrote reviews, things about work, and stuff I was interested in altogether.

So here we are, again, a year later. I'm hopping back on the horse and my desire to write is now greater, I believe, than what it was a year ago. I've been reading up on success stories, and as well as research topics. I'm going to try something new. I'm going to write about things that I just like to write about. I'm not going to try and sell things (I do write reviews, but I'm not trying to sell my own personal products). I'm not going to start a blog, and pump it up. I'm going to choose topics that I like, and write about them. I'll update this hub about once a week or two, and I'll give you updates as to my google adsense earnings and my Amazon earnings, and if it works, then maybe you can follow my example. If I do anything in particular to upgrade my traffic, I'll tell you here.

Why Come Back?

After a year of having about 20-something hubs, I didn't touch HubPages. I checked into my Google Adsense account and actually made about 47 bucks doing nothing at all. I then checked into my Amazon Affiliates account and almost considered retiring from my day job after I saw I made a whole whopping $2.17. But I figured, OK, if I made $47 not maintaining anything, what if I give it all I got, and just keep writing about things that I like? How much could I potentially turn in if I just keep going after it? So here I am. Back on the horse. Ready to write until I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

My Strategy

Nothing spectacular. I'm going to write about things that I know about. I work in radiology so I'm writing about X-Rays. I'm putting my X-Ray stuff in a group, and leave that as it is. I'm using the backlink tool to link to other sites that best fit what I'm discussing about in my articles. I'll talk in the forums from time to time when I have writer's block to get some ideas, and respond to some questions, but only if I have time. I plan to write 1-3 hubs a day, only if they are worth the time and effort. Keep the crap hubs to a minimum. I know I'm not going to be Machiavelli writing these things, but I'd rather be thought of as a person who puts care into his work.

UPDATE #1 2/26/11

This will have been my 12th hub written in 3 days. I've had a lot to write about :P Some of them have been crap, such as my 3-wolf moon t-shirt hub, but most of them I put extra energy and thought into them, such as my article on writer's block. In the last 7 days, I've made $1.74, according to Adsense. Nothing on Amazon, but I was expecting as much. I've also tweaked a few of my older hubs, and some of the ones I didn't like from back then, I'm leaving them around to die, but I use those as motivation NOT to write about that kind of garbage ever again.

So to sum it up- 3 days, $1.74, 12 hubs. I'll update you on what happens next, next week!

UPDATE #2 7/28/11

Ok, so after a 5 month hiatus (and making no money), I had a little surprise today. Rent is due in 3 days, my cabinets and fridge are empty, and I don't have a pot to piss in, financially. So I wake up this morning to prepare for work, and check my bank account online. To my surprise, there's an added $50 sitting there, looking oh-so-pretty! So after some investigating, I found that someone had bought a phone after linking over to Amazon from one of my articles! I'm pretty pumped now, and now that HubPages has it's own affiliate, I'm ready to jump back on the HubPages bandwagon... after a run to the grocery store.


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    • nickshamrock profile image

      nickshamrock 6 years ago

      She told me was a bit confusing to use, I gave up on it rather quickly. There's a thousand hubs on here about it, though, I'd suggest looking through them, perhaps you'd find some luck with it. I really should update this hub lol

    • daisyf1305 profile image

      Daisy Fabelo 6 years ago from miami beach

      I sooo feel U at least u got $50.00 I find I barely make any money with adsense...

      How does she told me work??? if you don't mind...