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Hub Scoring

Updated on February 25, 2015

The scoring of hubs are out of character and unfair to writer who writes for fun or who wants to make a few dollars. One week you a have feature article and the next week you score is basically nothing, who judges the scoring of articles.

I wrote and article about the abuse of parents, this article didn't have ads because of some reasons that didn't make sense.

I watch good articles of mines score from 39- t0 49 never nothing over, these are good article and can probably help someone.After Looking at my articles I hear they could be feature then nothing hubs.

It's hard increase increase your story level with the team of hub unless you are a professional and I'm not. Regardless of what this team says some of my articles are good one really make money from writing on hubs.

There are all kinds of answers but none of these answers really explain the countability of making money to a non-professional.


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