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Updated on September 28, 2015
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I write speaking English.It may have errors but if you can understand the essence of what is written my job is done.

How is English taught in India.

Most of the people have different perceptions in naming a baby.The baby is given a name as soon as it is born.Different types of customs are in vogue in different states.With in a state there are different traditions and customs to name a baby.If the baby speaks perhaps it would surely tell the name it needs but that does not happen.Once a baby is born it must talk only as Mom to mother and Dad to father no body insists that the baby must talk in the local language.A baby born in the same state calls its father in different local languages.My grand daughter's name was kept as Maya by my son though it is a tradition in our family that the baby carries the name of fathers father or fathers mother name as middle name and the last name indicates his/her caste,sub caste name and the first name is his/her real name.What is happening in India is migration from one state to another state by the present generation.I remember all my relatives in my main caste and sub caste never left our town or state. They even never left home they were born till we Indians got our freedom from the mighty Britishers. As our country was ruled by the British our school taught English as the medium of instruction.Going to school was compulsory for middle and upper class of family's.I write as to how the middle class families went about making their Ƨhildren study as I come that class of our part of India,more appreciately South India.

Yes before we had our freedom we had 2 India one was North India and an other was South India.There was also for few people a Central India as it was neither in South or North.South Indian's boasted they were more intelligent. The land I was born was called as Mysore State.The state was ruled by a King or what the locals called him as Maharaja.The King or Maharaja as I know we're educated only in English.As our country was ruled by British only English was our National language at that time.

We studied English more than what was required for us as it was easy than other languages though grammar was our headache

Writing English.

  1. How do you write good English.
  2. How do you speak good English.
  3. How do you learn good English.

The school was having only 3 walls the width of 1 wall was perhaps which was divided in to 4 parts.It was called as Govt Primary School with 4 classes starting from class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4.Once class 4 boys ( there were no girls ) the boys will go to go Govt Middle School.

What was the syllabus in our primary school for boys who were all over 5 years or just completed 4 years will always sit in class 1 and the text books were all same for every school in the state called Mysore State in those days.The King or the Maharaja of the state who would be highly educated in English and in England.He therefore under and as per the instructions from the British Rulers made learning English was made mandatory from class 1 to class 4.right from the start of a boy's education.The teachers who taught us english were not fully qualified for teaching any subject and I only remember one teacher Mr.Naidu who did most of the teaching of any subject if other teacher was on leave or busy.I now don't remember anything about my primary school except wearing my Scout Unform and the face of Mr.Naidu the Head Master of the School a good man.I must have completed my 4 years and I think my father took me to a Govt Middle School which was my next school

Writing English.

When I went to primary School at the age of 5 which was the minimum age for admission to a Govt Primary School we were told to bring the required books for study and it was our job to find out what were the books.I told my father and he told my mother to find out the books required from any family that had their boy in a primary school.She must have asked somebody and I got perhaps those books that were needed to study for the first year.There were different books for all the 4 years of primary school study which were prepared by some body who knew the study materials that were needed to be studied by a student of primary school during our days. There was no fee for study as the ruler of the state had made primary to graduate level free from any fee.Those were the days when the British rulers ruled India with the help from the Kings of so many states of India.The state of Mysore in India was ruled by a King who was guided by eminent personalities.

I had free education up to Middle School.

There was no english that was taught to us to speak or write.We were asked questions from the English Text Book which we had to answer.The questions were somewhat the same in text but with missing words which we had to fill up in the first year.

I did not learn any English writing or speaking in any of the 4 years.

In fact no one spoke English in the school.Every one spoke only local language.

My 3 friends who were with me all the years would bring Comic Books which I read with great interest and forgot many things that I was supposed to learn.How well we were taught English depended on how well our English teacher was trained to teach this world language.

Our most priority to study was not to study and we did not know what we had to learn.We went to school because our parents told us and all boys in our street went to school.We were pushed from one year to the next after a year ending with one last exam which we feared most if we did not pass then we were detained in the same class.This our parents never accepted at any cost.The teachers also feared our parents and would give hint or make us write what we would be asked to write in the exam one day prior to our final exam..There were boys who did never fear but they were different than us.It was comic English that I learnt from my middle school.

Books are there but have gone to Green Field.

Where ever books go some body has to do the writing.My friend from my college who was junior to me in the college informed me that his 8th book was released by the publisher.I wrote back to inform him that no one from our batch in the college had written 8 books published by such a famous publisher like Wood House Publishing and we all from the batch who are in the Alumni must get together and celebrate.He wrote back saying that he is busy writing his 9th,10th and 11th book which will be soon published and he did not need a group of his friends to start such as a celebration.I have't replied to him.

Teaching English,Reading English is most Important.

The people who read English are voracious readers and reading is chronic in their blood and they do not do anything but read,lecture and write on subjects that they choose and some how they do publish it.I now feel that writing is a fashion among politicians,retired army men and also many bureaucrats who perhaps engage good writers and write books with their help or dictate what they want to write and these well paid English writers write books on their behalf.There are others who read perhaps hundreds of books and pick up matters that goes well with what they indeed want to write and incorporate their writing to very small extent that will be altered to suit their story.These persons who are well connected with media magnets manage books to be published at the cost paid by the person who writes these books.and these books are sold at fancy prices.Some may even create fiction stories for examples and say it is true storey.


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