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Response to an article about fighting Cancer

Updated on March 26, 2015
She wrote a awesome hub about what to do when someone you love gets diagnosed with cancer.
She wrote a awesome hub about what to do when someone you love gets diagnosed with cancer. | Source

This was my mom when she was still alive, I truly miss here dearly

She passed away due to breast cancer in 2006
She passed away due to breast cancer in 2006 | Source

Here's My hub response

My Mom died of breast cancer back in 2006, I wrote a hub all about it, and I did my research about 3 months ago which lead me to a documentary known as the "Beautiful Truth", it was on Youtube, and it pointed out a potential natural remedy to prevent cancer, and surely to cure people of it. Another was, "Fat, Sick, & nearly dead, by Joe Cross"

This also lead me to finding even more proof, and real stories behind it all, and what I came to discover is that all cancers are linked to our eating patterns, use of drugs or medications, drinking, environment, stress levels, and blood ph levels.

Hopefully others can seek out this important info, because we all have a right to know why people contract the retched disease, its our foods that's doing it to us, especially for those who don't smoke, drink, do illegal drugs, or use over the counter medications.

Thanks for such a awesome hub, I enjoyed the reading of it all, I just think many of us have been misdirected & poorly educated on the health directions of life, because major industries have made it their business to profit off of our ignorance to the truth about natural vs unnatural foods.

Blood Levels- The Video that truly changed my views

More from my research on cancer

Good Luck either way, which ever way people choose to go with it all, the information is out here just Google "Blood PH", youtube it if need be. Oh and the whole green foods movement, which has been forcing the agricultural markets to shift towards producing more higher quality, non contaminated products.

I also discovered this key factor in the whole equation to getting most diseases and especially cancer, "Our blood ph needs to be at 7.365, slightly alkaline, so when it leans towards the acidic side lower then 7.0 (neutral) our cells cancer gene's turn on".

This fact is also something I wrote about in another hub dealing with the harmful effects of drinking processed milk products, that are highly acidic forming during digestion & metabolism also reason for lactose intolerance of many folks. I'll provide the links to them towards the bottom of this hub, so that people can hopefully find more info on it all, and hopefully they can find use of the info I've written into them.

Awesome Hub!!! @AEvans (Profile link of the Author of the hub above)

How I became what I call an Oxygenarian

Many people seem to steer far away from the idea of becoming a vegetarian for some odd reason, and that may have been because the thought of the idea, of not being able to eat meat, drink milk, or eat the bi products such as cheese, and all the flavorful other acidic and salty products scares their taste buds, but to truly become clear from harms way takes a differing approach to it all.

I figured that to attack a disease we must get at the source of its problem, and that's pretty much at the cellular level, many of us are taught in school about human biology, but does this help us to understand how food works in our bodily systems, and how the ingesting of any food products can actually have play, and take a major effect on our total digestive, and metabolic systems.

Our blood cells pretty much determine the outcome of everything in our body, our mind also determines how our body is to function, stress levels we absorb, and what our next move is to be made. With that said I also placed focus on my own decision making process, when it comes to eating of foods, purchasing of foods, and the cooking of foods.

What I learned changed my life entirely about 2 months ago

Learning of the truth about homeostasis, and the PH balance issue we all face as human beings, I decided to sort out my very own unique way to do it all. I only eat organic foods, I cook vegetables only, and I surely don't overcook them, if you over cook anything it denatures the liveliness of all cellular structures, thus leading to free radicals, and loss of nutrients, as well as precious oxygen.

This is how I target my new way of survival, it has nothing to do with losing weight for me, it has everything to do with combating disease, and Oxygen is the key, green live foods are the answer, plain and simple, the more alive something is, the more oxygen it has in it, and the more life all of your cells are likely to remain & be able to regenerate, Blood Cells both red & white simply cannot thrive off of carbon, your blood requires oxygen, your brain craves for it as a primary necessity, as well as potassium, and many other important vital nutrients, elements & minerals.

So I am now considered to be an "Oxygenarian", which is someone who consumes live foods, and only those which give off the highest levels of oxygen, or alkaline levels aka high in Antioxidants.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Hello @Gypsy Willow, Yes I would don't eat ice cream neither, because it has dairy in it, and isn't really a healthy food at all. Ice cream is a processed food product pretty much and it has a great deal of sugar in it as well.

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @livingpah2004 for the voted and for sharing. I just caught wind of this hubs activity, and wasn't aware that anyone ever arrived here to leave me a comment, not sure what happened but I am glad you enjoyed this hub.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Excellent advice which we should all aspire to follow. Is ice cream a banned food on this regime?!!!

    • livingpah2004 profile image

      Milli 5 years ago from USA

      I love this hub and very motivated. I am taking green stuff a lot and wear oxygen all the time. I like your term "Oxygenarian". Useful and voted up and beyond!