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Hub structure to earn more money

Updated on September 17, 2014

Web 2.0 websites such as HubPages allow us to earn money writing content. We publish content online, content get viewed, we earn money! It is so simple! If you are not a member of Hub Pages Community, you may think joining us. Your hub is a passive income source for you, you write once and you get paid as long as your article stay online and get traffic. It is limitless and you don't have to work it out each and every day.

Imagine that you wrote an article about ways to earn money online. A mix of related keywords may bring you up to 650 000 search engines traffic a month. All those visits are passive and you wrote this article one week ago at least to get it well ranked. You may earn up to $1 3000 getting pay $2 per thousand views.

In fact, Hubpages itself pay up to $10 per thousand views. And you earn as well from Google adsense, amazon and eBay.

But to earn more money, you need to improve your hub and make it user and search engine friendly. He is some tips to structure your hub better for more cash and more audience!

Better hub structure
Better hub structure

Ad placement

The money generated on your hub is from advertising. Most from Google Ad-sense because each view is monetized and your get a revenue share 60/40 from Hub-Pages. Hub-pages program and amazon affiliates may bring unexpected earning as it is revenue per sale with variable revenue share. So, if you want to earn more money, you may think improving the source of your earning.

On Hub Pages, there are two ad placement style based on readers authentication. If your reader is not a member of the community or have a temporary guest status because he is not log on the website, Hub pages will show banner at the top of your hub, otherwise, the first banner will be floating right your content.

For the first case, we have nothing to do, but if you want to improve earning for logged users, you may follow Google tip which says that the first ad is the most target place by advertisers and will generate more money. Consider making a full wide text capsule as first capsule and add your first image at the second capsule will ensure you an ad placement above the fold and more earning from your traffic.

Publishing Bonus

Hub pages run contest and give bonus to Huber which writes quality content on the web site. Being a part of Hub pages Apprenticeship program will allow you to earn money just getting published, but it is not available for every Huber. The option you want to check is "Hub of the day".

The Hub of the day is an article nominated by hub pages moderator and recommended by readers tweeting with the @HubPagesDotCom tag. A hub for the day will be featured at the homepage and bring instant traffic and more money to you.

You can visit the "Hub of the day archive" and see that the hub stay listed to generate more traffic to you. To be featured as hub of the day, you need your first image with at least a picture with the dimension 200 X 150 pixels minimum, informative text and a good structure. Don't hesitate to ask readers to recommend your articles and tell them how to do it!

get featured
get featured

Get Featured

If you get featured on Hub-pages, your hub will be a part of these related hubs below each hub. It will in the latest hub list for categories and homepage. Also, if you choose to show only featured hub on your profile to improve your search engine ranking, they will be the one Hub-pages will promote on search engine to help you build a better PR.

Many hub got featured after one or two days publication. It is based on hub score, user interaction, organic traffic and more features. You have a featured article, make it evergreen to stay featured as long as possible because the factor above will continue to affect your hub status its whole life which is undetermined.

Structure of your hub

After all, how do we structure our hub for more earning? Simply by following the tips above and tips from hub-pages learning center. It is your job to determine which format will match the most the kind of content your are publishing (video hub, recipe, standard hub, etc...) But, here is some tips which will work to get your hub featured as "hub of the day", "raising star", "featured on hub-pages", etc... and give you more traffic for more earning

  • Make your title interesting and search engine friendly: You need a good placement in search engine results pages and real traffic from real human. Improve your title for them, add term queried by user in the past, make title describe the content of the hub.
  • Make reading easier: Save and preview your hub to see how it look to user. An informative hub with a boring structure will not help you to have a stable audience. Copy writing style from Hub you like and reproduce them in your own.
  • Think earning, think ranking: What is the value of your keywords? They will help you to get traffic, sure. But, also, hub-pages use them to show relevant text ads next to your content. Would you like to improve them and increase your earning?
  • Content is king, media is marketer: If you want to get more traffic to your hub, get selected as "hub of the day", being featured, your pictures is your lawyer. An eye catching image will get your more traffic, a wide image will increase your chance for the hub of the day program and more than 3 images will help you stand as stellar hub. And, it will help you get traffic from search engine. see how media can be a source for organic traffic here.

Which method gives more possibility to earn at hub-pages?

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