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HubNuggets Nominated My How to make French Bread from Scratch!!

Updated on October 28, 2014
HubNuggets Nominated my "How to Make French Bread from Scratch"
HubNuggets Nominated my "How to Make French Bread from Scratch"

HubNuggets Nominated My "How to make French Bread from Scratch" Hub!

Please Vote for ME :)

Hello Everyone!~!

I am so excited to be Nominated for the HubNuggets award. On my"How to Make French Bread from Scratch so Please Vote for ME :))

I'm Pretty New to HubPages so I am really just trying to learn the ropes here.So far everyone has been so helpful and very nice to me. There are so many forums to help eduacate you on how to do this blogging.

I am loving it !! So far. :)

I hope everyone Votes for ME.. but also hope the Very Best Wins.

Thank YOU Everyone and Hubnuggets and Hubpages Staff all of you guys!!

I'm Very excited to Learn about this and see whats gonna happen..Love you all!!! xoxoxox


Ripplemaker made this comment on my Hubpage :))

ripplemaker 77 minutes ago

French Bread you go! A recipe to delight for! tee hee....please please if you were in my neighborhood, I would be ordering this from you, that's for sure. I am not so certain about my cooking-baking abilities heheheh

Sesame Street Hubnuggets News: Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination. Do read and cast your vote by clicking on this link please:


Well I did not Win in the Food and Cooking category But I did place in the Top 6.

The "How to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home for A Gathering Night" Was the winner. So congratulations to you and I'm so happy for you, and you hub was very good!! 

I will post a link to it underneath this Update.

This was definitely allot of fun and was a great honor to be chosen as I have learned.

I did definitely notice a huge traffic increase to my hubs. Especially the one that was nominated by HubNuggets. Although the winner is to be exposed to about 80,000 readers.Which is Fantastic !! 

Well I hope to be chosen again if at all possible :)))

Thank YOU HubNuggets for Nominating my hub in the food and cooking department :))

Have a Wonderful day everyone!! 




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