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HubPages: A Safe Place to Write

Updated on December 6, 2011

HubPages is an online community much like any other in that we provide content and interact with each other regarding said content. However, we are also a unique community in that we adhere to higher standards of quality and etiquette than most other sites. As of the writing of this Hub, I have been here a total of almost ten months and have yet to receive any form of hate mail or disrespectful or non-constructive criticism like I do on YouTube,, and other places. For this I can only express my sincere gratitude and hope the streak never breaks.

This is a place where people give constructive criticism where they see improvement is needed and can respectfully express a difference of opinion. While I'm aware that showing disrespect is always a possibility no matter where you look online, it is at the very least not as rampant here as it is on other sites. In addition, if it does happen on this site, I would imagine that the situation would be immediately and justly dealt with, unlike other sites where such problems are ignored or mishandled. Trouble always seems to target me, and if this were any other site I would have at least a dozen haters by now threatening my life and telling me that I suck just because they could. Here on HubPages, however, I've received the most praise I ever could have hoped for as well as feedback from people who respectfully disagree with me without insult or threat of injury. This may seem like it should be the norm, but you cannot fully appreciate it unless you have been relentlessly beaten down by YouTube commenters and other renegade users.

We are a community of writers and truth-seekers; we have a deep passion for the topics we write about and leave no room for trolls and others who only seem to want to cause trouble. Perhaps it is because of who we are that the trolls remain scarce; they cannot appreciate the beauty in what we do and are not yet as attracted to the written word as they are to viral videos and other media-related forums. However, that is not to say that any one form of media is superior to another. Like with all other pursuits, some people are more adept at using one over another, and their deficiency in any area ought not be mocked nor their proficiency degraded by those who devalue it.

In short, I would like to thank everyone who maintains the high standards of this web site by submitting positive feedback or at the very least respectfully offering differing viewpoints. Times are tough and Lord knows we don't stand to make a fortune off our Hubs, but we do it anyway because we feel the need to express ourselves in a positive way and have others respond in kind. May we all continue writing, thriving, and respecting one another for the rest of this year, the next year, and hopefully in the years to come.


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