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HubPages Ad Program - Let's see what it is

Updated on April 25, 2011

HubPages community always tries to give its users a better experience with the site. They want us to earn more. That's why they have already set-up Capstone Hub, FlagShip Program to give us the chance to earn a bit more. Now, they have added another option to make money and that is the HubPages Ad Program. They could name it as HubSense! (Just Kidding). It was first announced in the late February. To participate in this program, the only thing you'll need to have is an active Google Adsense account.

Let's get a clear-cut idea.

HubPages team say, 'The HubPages Ad Program incorporates an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners that will run alongside the Google AdSense ads on your Hubs, as well as any Amazon or eBay capsules you use'

Majority partners are the Premium Ad Partners, they work only for the giant publishers playing on the web. HubPages is here to give us a chance of testing these ads where we couldn't get any access with our small, growing blogs. If you want, then it is also possible to take a share from directly-sold advertising.

Make Even More!
Make Even More!

Want To See How Much You Can Make?

Surely, it is not easy to make money with any systems but after testing the system with nine hubbers, HubPages found that this process helps them to make 50% more than which they already make.

The money which you'll receive from the program will fully depend on your Hub quality, traffic and reactions like the others (Such as - Adsense, Amazon.) Your Adsense earning could be hampered due to the installation of HubPage  Ad program but the loss will be compensated with a little more. So, there's nothing to worry about.

The Requirements:

There are some requirements. If you do not cover them, then you're not eligible to participate the program. I'm writing them in the points below-

  1. You must have an active Google Adsense program added with HubPages.
  2. You must fill the tax form with the required info.
  3. You will be paid as soon as you gather $50.
  4. You must have a Paypal account to receive the payment.

So, these are the methods and requirements to join the program. Hope you like it. I am wishing to get some reactions from your part in the comment box below.

Ok, if you are not able to make money with this also, check some other methods I've stated here- Productive & Earning Hobbies.

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