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Writers lament, keywords, tags, content, size, popular and score and low pay. And now a thing called idle!

Updated on November 17, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We have nearly a mile vertical to go. But the perspective is worth it.
We have nearly a mile vertical to go. But the perspective is worth it. | Source

Where mindfulness meets melancholy

Sometimes no matter where we are we have a twinge of melancholy regret about not being somewhere else. Nowadays I am just amazed at my 2.5 year old being so excited about going anywhere. He is happy and active where ever he is but the excitement of going with someone else or to someplace else is overwhelming.

It would be safe to say that I am generally happy no matter where I am. And some of those places were not so cool. But no matter where I am I remember the grass being greener someplace else. More astounding is that whatever I am doing I think about doing something else. This is the opposite of mindfulness so I work at not doing it.

Good songs tell many stories

There is a song done by Garth Brooks that very often comes to mind. “Night Rider’s Lament” the lyrics are here in full: The chorus as it were is by someone asking the cowboy doing graveyard duty out watching free range cattle, “Why”. It changes ever so much but basically is:

Why do you ride for your money
Tell me why do you rope for short pay
You ain't a'gettin' nowhere
And you're loosin' your share
Boy, you must have gone crazy out there

And of course the song ends with the cowboy asking the same thing of his city slicker, professional friends.

Favorite song. Now ya hear I has been a rider. But I change around writer and rider now days.

Here is our Hubber's Lament

Why do you write for your money

Tell me why have you wrote for short pay

You ain’t a’getting nowhere

And you’re loosin your share

Boy, you must have gone crazy out there.

I polished the granite and help grow the rose

We do not really create that of or in nature, but like writing it is fun to present the story.
We do not really create that of or in nature, but like writing it is fun to present the story. | Source

The Lament and the beauty

My laments are a web. The first one was skiing. Was a time that I skied for a living. I coached, I taught and I raced. Made reasonable money. Long outdoor hours and physically tough. Here is the skiers lament. Truth is that skiing for a living has you spending a good half of your work day riding a ski lift. So it was that we rode for our short pay.

Skiing is a seasonal winter sport for most professionals. And running rivers is the other seasonal job for many. I was not much of a river runner but what I would do is hike a group of people, from the south rim of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado where they would meet with river boats. Some times I would hike another group out and sometimes I would take a leaving guide’s position running a boat. But mostly I just rode the boats for several days until the end of the trip. And so it was that the hard work was guiding and hiking, for the most part, I rode for short pay.

Now here is the twist. For some wild reason I got it in my head to go get a doctorate and then write for a living. I have done well doing that, but I do miss the Mountains and the rivers and all day long outdoors. I have a buddy from the old days who just recently retired as one of the wining most ski coaches in US History. About the time he got hired on for the job as head coach at Nevada Reno, racing out of Tahoe, he called me up one night and offered me a job. When I told I had a good wife and life, he just said “man, why do you write for a living?” “You all must be crazy down there”.

So it was that when I listened to that song, I was sure the words changed to: Why do you write for your money why have you wrote for short pay You ain’t getting nowhere and your losing your share Boy I must have gone crazy out here.

Well I hope that when one of my fellow hubbers start asking themselves why, they have the ready answer.

There is a space and place that we must go to in our mind in order to create concepts in our writing. It is like a tough hike or a fourteen hour work day. There are tough times and great times. It is an adventure down to our souls. Yet the reward of creating something from nothing is inspiring and down right addictive. We admit it is for short pay. We admit that sometimes it is pure raw escapism. We admit that good reviews stroke our ego. Just as we admit that even in a world full of people, it can be lonely.

But I write for a living because I just plain love it.

A foot print left behind.

All impressions are not worthy.
All impressions are not worthy. | Source

Here is a strange something I can relate.

I do not write to conform. I write like I preach. Seat of the pants with a ton of metaphors and colloquialisms. This does not bend well with non-sophisticated immature folks who edit or determine value by their own comprehension. That is the "me" generation and the are crawling all over the internet. I do not fly that way.

I have read in Spanish, French and Vietnamese along with my English. I have lived in castles and under bridges and in five countries. I have lived in New England, New York, Texas, Arizona and California and done time in Australia and England and some in Canada. My English as some southern Black and some Northern White and some Valley and some Mountain. It includes Spanglish and Creole. I think apostrophes and colons are funny. Why would you write with one exclamation point? And why wouldn't you use hyphens and dashes and periods with more pizzazz? Some folk do not think "ain't" is a word --- ,,, really now!!

Well I got in some trouble here last night. If you criticize HP there and their are folks that will just knee jerk come out and hound you. I caught two lying bold face saying they had read a piece of mine just then and had comments on it. I checked my metrics and they would have had to read 1300+ words in 2 seconds.

And so they lied and I had proof and called them liars because they are. I got banned. The liars did not. But I did. They legally defamed me saying a bad thing about me that was not true, but I got banned.

There is your writers lament. Maybe I will go back to riding instead of writing.

Are you true yourself?

Do you bend just to get along?

See results

No! I am not complaining.

I am pointing out some issues that are worth noting and reflecting on. Or is that impossible in this overly sensitive world. People can no longer have frank discussion without being cast out because the may PC hurt another?

And no I am not going to run away. Plato said that we have 3 basic choices. Break the law and pay the consequences. Stay and fight the law for change. Or leave your citizenship and flea. I have always taken that middle ground.

I think HP would be better off with some more mature editors who can perceive the intrinsic quality of work that does not fit into a "morality of proper grammar" mindset. This need for conformity at all costs is hurting the quality and the reputation of writers here. Or perhaps HP should just limit content to "How Toooos" and recipes. And only require grammar to match with wordspell and such.

I have to tell you that would not hurt me at all. For I would stand out even more and that is my niche.


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