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Hubpages Accolade: Try To Reach The Elite Level

Updated on October 10, 2011

Note: Accolades are official but these rankings are not! I just invented them to distinguish people even better. I also only count the published hubs accolade, page views accolade depends on it.

10 published hubs = Newbie

50 = Novice

100 = Amateur

300 = Experienced

500 = Competent

1,000 = Skilled

2,000 = Veteran

5,000 = Professional

And 10,000 = Elite!

It will take more than a year

Writing for hubpages is a great way to make money and you must aim for the intersection between quantity and quality.


Try to reach the elite level under a year, with a score of 90+.


First, write 100 hubs a day.

Second, you need to add all capsules to all hubs plus links, plus keywords, plus even more text. Each hub you write must have at least 1000 words to rank high on Google and it should have 3000 words to rank even higher. Wikipedia ranks so high because it has lots of links, a high keyword count (do not confuse with keyword density) and also has more than 3000 words per article on average.

Only with the hardest sort of work you will be able to reach the Elite level with 90+ score.

Can you become a millionaire writing hubs?


There are some people who became millionaires writing online.

You too can become one.

However keep in mind you need to have more than 100.000.000 page views to do so.

That may take your entire lifetime.


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    • internetgeek profile image

      Nizam Khan 5 years ago from Hyderabad, India.

      Wow! This is wonderful piece of information. Very interesting and useful. Thanks and voted up :)