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Hubpages Accolades - Does Anyone Have 100M Hub Views?!

Updated on June 8, 2011

Hubpages Accolades

Within Hubpages you can gain quite a few accolades as your time on the site goes on. There are a number of accolades for hubbers and they are mainly split between measurable statistics and accolades for contributions to the site. The statistical accolades are:

  • Hub Views
  • Followers
  • Number of Hubs
  • Years on Hubpages
  • Questions Made
  • Questions Answered

And the contributory accolades are:

  • Great Commenter
  • Popular
  • Great Discussion Starter
  • Great Hubpages Citizen
  • Engaging Writer

This hub is about the Page views accolade as I found myself thinking about it and how the accolade progressed with the number of page views each hubber got.

Page View Accolades

The first 4 page view accolades - but I failed to find anyone with 10M or 100M!
The first 4 page view accolades - but I failed to find anyone with 10M or 100M!

Page Views Accolade - The Levels

So at the moment there are 6 levels of accolades for page views. The first level is for 1,000 page views and this is a great accolade for hubbers who are starting out as it gives them encouragement that plenty of people are reading their hubs.

The second level of page views is for 10,000. For me it took around a year to get to this figure as I started off with a few hubs one year and only accelerated my writing after about 8 or 9 months. I would think that other hubbers got to that figure much more quickly than me!

And this was what got me thinking about the accolades. So I went off checking to see when I could get my next page view accolade and I found out that I would get one at 100,000 page views! So it seems that each page view accolade means that you have to get 10 times more hub views than the last one. Given that it took me a whole year to get 10,000 page views I am wondering if it will take me 10 years to get to 100,000!

I guess that in order to get these kind of accolades you really need to have some very well performing hubs. I have a few that usually get a number of views every day but overall I have a bunch that really don't get that many. I have started to do a lot of backlinking to my hubs (see my profile as to where and how I get backlinks) and I think views are picking up but I have been told that it takes a few years to get content to really be recognised well by the search engines so I am not anticipating getting my next accolade for a little while yet.

Hub Views - The Top Levels

So I have seen quite a few hubbers who have the next level of hub views accolade and that is 1 million views. All credit to them that they have got so much traffic to their hubs. I think a lot of them have got those kind of page views pre-panda and maybe things now have slowed down, so maybe it will be much harder in the coming years to actually get to those kind of figures.

There are two more levels above this 10 million views and 100 million views. Now it seems to me that these must be really hard numbers to get to and as yet I have not found a hubber with these kind of stats (if you are one or know of one then please let me know!). I have checked a few of the hubbers that I consider to be big hitters and they are actually not showing their accolades. I guess that is because they don't want people seeing their page view stats so that they don't know what kind of traffic their hubs might be getting - and that is understandable. If people know that you are getting millions of views on your hubs then they might take a leaf out of your book in terms of what you are writing about and try doing the same thing. Alternately, they could have low numbers and don't want people to know that either!

So I would be intrigued to know if there are hubbers out there in particular with 10 million or 100 million views - that really would be amazing. In the mean time I will keep aiming for my next milestone of 100,000 views and hope that it comes before another 9 years is up!


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 5 years ago from UK

      Yes, Patty is a pretty prolific hubber and has been successful for quite a while.

    • Availiasvision profile image

      Jennifer Arnett 5 years ago from California

      I've never seen 100 million views but here is an example fo 10 million. She has so many links going in every direction as well as over a thousand hubs.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 5 years ago from UK

      That is great RNMSN, well done on that achievement :-)

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 5 years ago from Tucson, Az

      hey there Azure 11...I hadnt really thought about this..I have only been here a couple of yrs and found I have 100K/cool!

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks Baileybear it's good to know there are people out there that are doing really well. I'll post the screenshot shortly!

    • profile image

      Baileybear 6 years ago

      I've seen just 2 with the 10M views - one is SunSeven & the other I can't remember but apparently they reached this milestone a while back

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Good luck with the stats AAD and well done with the increased views, I'll be keeping a lookout still for anyone with the 10m or 100m and update if I find them.

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      Have only stepped up my writing and networking now,will see what the next month brings but so far I have had a significant rise in my views.Keep us posted on your findings.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      I don't think you get an accolade at 50k but I could be wrong Cogerson :) That is pretty good to get 31k views in 4 months I reckon. I have just been reading a thread where someone says that they understand some hubs were getting 10-20k views per day!! pre Panda that is. If I could get hubs that were getting 100 views a day i would be happy!

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I thought you got one at 50,000 as well.....nice 4 months I have 31,000 hits....and even at that pace I might never reach the next level.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      I agree ecomama, sometimes I have times when I can't come up with anything but then all of a sudden I have a bunch of ideas that just hit me! Thanks and I will check out your hubs!

    • ecomama profile image

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 6 years ago from NC

      My problem is coming up with ideas of what to write but the 1000 views accolade really inspired me! Good luck on your next milestone! Please view my hubs so I can get one step closer to my next goal. (voted up)