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Hubpages Earnings: How to Increase your Earnings on Hubpages

Updated on April 3, 2015

Make money on hubpages

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hubpagesHow to make hubs that make money
How to make hubs that make money
How to make hubs that make money | Source

Increase hubpages traffic

Increase traffic to hubpages
Increase traffic to hubpages | Source

Traffic is king

So you have sign up for Hubpages, written some hubs and activated your Hubpages earning program. But you seem to earn just a few cents daily how do you increases your earnings and make more cash.

Like all business ventures you can’t start running without first jogging, patience and strategy is the key to success in any online campaign. This applies to blogs, websites, YouTube videos, eBook sales, E commerce and even revenue generating websites and affiliate marketing.

Getting a large traffic is good but getting targeted traffic even better, recurrent visitors to your website and a decent bounce rate would increases your earning. To increase your earning potential on Hubpages you need to slowly build good reputation, and have a decent collection of hubs.

There are many things you can do to increase earnings on Hubpages, listed bellow are just a few simple tips that work.

Write quality articles

Write high quality hubs
Write high quality hubs | Source

Write Quality Articles

There is no substitute for quality, informative and interesting articles, quality articles make good reading and your audience would slowly increase with time. In order to write quality articles you need to do lots of research on your chosen topic and include SEO.

Provide useful information: More information is better that less information and shows authenticity and understanding of the subject matter. A well written hub could be re-twitted by a visitor thereby gaining new traffic which increases the possibility of clicks on advertisement.

The more creative and useful your hub is to people the more traffic it would attract, so write with passion, chose a niche you are familiar with and do lots of research.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization | Source

Traffic generating techniques

Which traffic generating technique is least effective

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About search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization.

It took me a while to understand what all the fuss was about, search engine optimization is simply organizing your article in such a way that search engines easily find them and index. It also means getting your article on the first page of top search engines which guarantees lots of traffic. We all know traffic usually equates to more earnings.

I am by far no expert at SEO but I have learnt a few tricks that I would show you.

Step1-The first and most important way to start optimizing your hub is to choose a niche, the niche should be used when signing up for an account. Having your major focus as a sub domain name is a powerful tool in search engines.

I know what you are thinking my sub domain is a totally useless title I agree. At the time I had no idea what I wanted to write about so I blew a good chance right from the start.

Step 2 - Concentrate on the articles title, always include keywords in your title, search engines love that. Short keywords are very competitive and you might be lost in the crowd. Use long tail keyword which stands a better chance being found by people.

Demography specific titles are like pay dirt they attract lots of traffic and unique visitors. Hubpages is highly rated and attracts a fair share of traffic added to your high quality article you will easily dominate that niche and get first page ranking.

Step3-Then pay proper attention to the summary tab under the title in your editor, make the summary interesting and to the point, include upper and lowercase keywords similar to your title. Why pay so much attention to summary because on Google search page it would appear under your title and could attract viewers.

Step 4-In your first paragraph you need to include your keyword and a few times within the text of your article, don’t do keyword stuffing that would be bad and counter productive. When writing your conclusion makes it a summary of the entire content you’ve presented.

Step 5- Did you know that even your images attract traffic especially when they have alt text that explains the image. Search engines need to see your Alt text to understand what the image is all about, a good Alt text increases you hubs speed and reduces down time.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to log into a website and it takes forever; the visitor would simply go somewhere else.


Keywords | Source

Generate traffic to your hubs

Links and search engines
Think outside the box
Use Search engine optimization
engage in forums
Build text and Backlinks
use guest blogging
reply comments
Use social media sites
create rss feeds
use images
create video hub
write reviews
comment on other hubs
create public profile
research more and use keywords
use other smaller directories
submit to search engines
use podcasts
guest blog
submit to top directories
write quality articles

Social media and Bookmark websites

1 Delicious

2 StumbleUpon

3 Twitter

4 Facebook

5 MySpace

6 Diggs

7 Reddit

8 bloghub

Social media

The social medial icons on your hubs are not there to beautify the page, use them in promoting your hubs and drive traffic to them. If you have a large following on twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, adding a link to them would increase your traffic.

Sign up with various social media and bookmark websites become active on these websites build an impressive following and use them to promote your hubs. Theses are some important websites that can help you promote your articles

Forum posts on other websites also work if you are an active member; if you are allowed put a link in your signature after insightful comments to get traffic. Warning Hubpages frowns at links in their forum or comment section don’t do such or you would be banned.

Social media websites

Social media websites
Social media websites | Source


Backlinks | Source


Why use backlinks because as they say it gives your website juice, backlinks show the importance of your site and increases your ranking. Pay attention to your ranking and study what others are doing, if you have a link pointing to your site form a top ranking website this increases your ranking.

So the more top ranked websites have you links the better your rank, never use auto generated link builders you will be banned and the links you get useless. Slowly build links by using forums, blogs with content similar to yours, and sign up with smaller directories to backlink to your Hubpages.

Having a text link within articles that correlate with your on top websites is a powerful tool in driving traffic and web ranking. New websites take about six months before they start getting ranked by websites such as

Use Display options

Many hubbers don’t even know this function exists and the benefit of organizing your content. Display option allows you to organize your groups such that viewers get access to two more articles at the bottom of you post.

This function also addresses the need for one generic or static link to other article within your sub domain; organize group increases the time viewers stay on your site thereby increasing traffic.

Write Evergreen topics

News item topics tend to have short spells of huge traffic and interest quickly winds down, evergreen topics can stand the test of time bringing new traffic yearly. To maximize you hub potential, get recognition from search engines concentrate on one niche.

If you have 100 articles on the same niche search engines consider you an expert in your field hereby index the hubs appropriately. Being an expert in a chosen topic might guarantee a first page fixture that attracts tons of traffic.

Other benefits of concentrating one niche topic is advertisement they attract, you get appropriate advertisement that corresponds to the niche including target audience interested in that top. Targeted audience means only one thing more clicks, traffic and increased earning.

Google webmaster tool

Google webmaster tool
Google webmaster tool | Source

Get indexed fast

Get your Hubpages sub domain indexed quickly by sign up with the largest search engines which are Google search and Bing powered by Google/Yahoo. Sign up with Google webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster add your website and get your new articles indexed fast.

The webmaster tool has useful information on how to increase the functionality of you Hubpages sub domain thereby making it more efficient.

Appropriate affiliate marketing

It is important to carefully choose eBay and Amazon capsules that complements the subject mater of your hub. The kind of product can equate to sales or not, so chose carefully if you want to make money from affiliate sales.

Hubpages eBay and Hubpages Amazon programs offer higher ratio than the regular associate program, so if you like to increase earnings on Hubpages then this is another way to go.


If you want to increase your earnings on Hubpages you need to do the following, write quality hubs loaded with useful information. Use search engine optimization to drive traffic to your site, use backlinks and social media.

Write evergreen topics and use webmaster tools to get your site indexed quickly, and remember more traffic more earning potential


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