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Hubpages: How To Start A New Hub Every Day

Updated on October 9, 2012

It's all about you

You want to become a top writer for Hubpages and rank at the top every time you write. One thing you need to do is to write at least a new Hubpages every single day.

If you love writing this will be easy for you, after all, you have always new topics in your mind and you just have to share them with the World!

Writing is a task that demands a lot of brain power so if you want to share knowledge with the world, make money an boost your brain, writing for Hubpages is for you.

Starting is just as easy as click the New Hub link and start writing.

Choose the topic wisely

The best way to write hubs that get read is to write about popular topics. The best well written hub about topics that have no traffic is just wasted effort, time and money.

You need to write about popular topics such as money making, finances, business, investments, insurance, credit, jobs, careers, education, etc. These are the topics that people read the most and the topics where they buy most of the products and so advertisers are willing to spend more money in these topics.

Topics such as history has almost no traffic compared with insurance and credit.

The best way to find a profitable topic

The best way to find a profitable topic is to use a keyword tool.

For example, Google Keyword Tool is able to give you hundreds of topics to write about in just a few seconds. With Google Keyword Tool you forget about thinking about topics one by one. Google Keyword Tool gives you up to 200 keywords from just one.

To make things even better, Google keyword tool tells you how much advertisers and bidding for these keywords and can give you even an estimation of how much money you can make from your articles by telling you the perfect correlation between searches and clicks. You see that insurance topics are the most profitable of all, but also the ones with the highest competition.

Do not waste money with other keywords tool, Google Keyword Tool is all you need to earn money by finding profitable topics.

Traffic Traffic Traffic

Writing the hubs alone won't get you very far.

You need to get as much traffic as you can for your hubs and the best way to do so is to share all your hubs on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Google Plus.

These networks have millions of page views per day and you can funnel some of that traffic to your hubs to make money with advertisements, eBay and Amazon.

1. On Facebook you need to share your hubs on your wall to share it with all your friends. you should also use 10 facebook groups about hubpages to share even more. Finally you can make your own group to see how many people will join it. At last you can make your own fan page to get people to like it and see your latest hubs there.

2. Sharing on Twitter is very easy, just click the twit button and you are done. However, based on my experience, Twitter sends you very little traffic as other people are too busy twitting their own stuff.

3. Stumble Upon can send you thousands of visitors in a few minutes when you have a lot of voting power. Stumble Upon is great to share all your hubs to but do not over do it as you will be able to share just a few dozen new hubs per day. Make friends with people there and also join some groups.

4. Google Plus is growing fast, share your hubs just with people from your circles who woudl like to read from you.

Write Write Write - The More The Better

The only limit is really you.

You can publish unlimited articles on the internet and the only thing that separates you from the millions you want is the amount of articles you can write.

If you are like most people you write at 33 words per minute. This is too slow, you should be writing at least 3x faster at 100 words per minute to crank as many articles per hour as possible.

The internet is hungry for unlimited articles, people read thousands of pages per day. If all the 2 billion internet users visit 1000 pages per day, that's 2 trillion pages served in just one day.

More people join the internet every day, computers get more powerful to get more content in them and people use the internet for longer than ever, increasing the amount of pages they visit.

Write more and more, write a new article every hour if you can. Hubpages will thank you and your sales as well.


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