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Hubpages: How to Make Money

Updated on May 12, 2011
Hubpages Rocks!
Hubpages Rocks! | Source

Write at least 2 hubs per day

For the average hubber, this can mean taking 4 hours out of your day to write. People may joke about online writing as a lazy job, but it's quiet a mental jog when you are trying to come up with articles that earn. It can be even more work if you have set your sites on becoming another one of hubpages success stories.

When you read the success stories on hubpages, you can do the math to see that no one made it into the success stories without working pretty darn hard to get there. Take Kathryn Vercillo who is top on the success stores. She doesn't make that much passive income because she was "lucky", she earned it!

If you check out her page, you can see that she has 1024 hubs that she's written in the last four years. If we do the math, that is a MINIMUM of 5.3 articles per day. She says she only worked about 10 hours per week, so that means she spent an equivalent of 2 hours per day writing her hubs. In actuality, those hubs probably came out in spurts instead of rhythmic self control to write for 2 hours everyday. She could have blasted out 5 articles in 1 hour one day, two the next and then none for several days.

You can see that making it into the winners circle can take time and effort. Though if you set yourself a goal of at least two hubs per day, you will find yourself there all that much sooner.

2 hubs + 7 days a week = 672 hubs per year

By the time you hit 4 years, you will have double the amount of hubs any other hubber has in that amount of time! Can you imagine how much you might be making in four years with double the hubs, if the top earner is getting $1400 per month?

Tag! You're it!

Anyone who wants to become successful in the world of online writing, will need to learn to use their keywords and meta phrases. In hubs, they are called "tags".

The reason you need to learn to do this, is because google will be better able to find your hub when it has proper tags. When google is better able to find your hubs, you'll receive more adsense earnings and will also be found easier on other search engines - such as facebook search or windows live search.

There is one catch though, you can only use a certain amount of tags for each hub, and you'll want to use the richest ones you can. The fewer the better. You'll also have to keep your keywords relevant to the hub you've written, otherwise google will ban that hub for inappropriate tags.

To give you an example, when writing a how to article - such as this one - I always use the keywords "how" and "how to". These two keywords are some of the highest ranking words on google trends, insight and sktool. Add the words "success", "make money" and "write", then you've got a winner!

Besides picking your own great keywords, hubpages has a unique keyword suggestion tool. I suggest you use it if you would like to become another hubpages success story.

Learn to use your hubbing tools (they are there for a reason)

Hubpages provides it's writers with a plethora of tools they can use to gain page views. If you are going to be a success story, you're going to have to learn to use them. It's a bit of a trial and error process, but there is lots of help available from other hubbers if you get stumped.

You have maps, polls, quizzes, photos, amazon, ebay, hubkarma, tag suggestions, stats, groups, summaries and videos (to name a few). Try adding them to your hubs. Even if you don't use them every time, you will see a noticeable difference in your page views, page ranking and how often people stay to finish reading your hub.

Learn them or lose them. It's your choice.

Hubpages referrals

Hubpages referrals are a bit of a learning curve when you first sign up for them, but once you do, you'll find your earnings will go up dramatically. The reason for this, is because hubpages is kind enough to offer you some of the earnings that your referrals bring in. Which means that not only will you be earning from your own hubs, but you'll also be earning for each hub that your referrals are writing.

This also gives you another good reason to get into the hubpages community and socialize, because hubpages doesn't notify you who your referrals are. You'll have to keep track of when you get new hubbers and when they post their first few hubs. Then you can check out the latest hubs and latest hubbers. Friend a few of them and get to reading their hubs. It helps them and you!

Write hot topic tubs

There are many ways to follow hot topics. You can check out hubpages "hot" hubs, you can keep an eye on google trends or you can simply listen to the news in your car on the way to work. My preferred method is to spend a little while watching google RealTime, which is a live feed of people all over the internet using the social webs.

It can seem a bit like your watching the matrix digital code for a while, but you'll start to catch trends before the trends catchers see them. This can put you ahead of the game in the hot topics arena.

Hub topics that will never fail you

I have spent the last 5 years writing online. It's been trial and error, flip and flop, successful and not successful. So out of all that lolly-gagging, I have found that there are some topics that keep earning again and again. Write one article under these topics and you will always see it get hits. Write a new article under these topics at least once per year, and you'll be able to keep up with trends and earn even more.

So what are these topics that will never fail you?

drum roll please......

1. Holidays

2. Pregnancy

3. Earning Money

4. Sex/Relationships

5. Parenting

6. Recipes

7. Drugs

Now, these are by no means the only topics that will never fail you. I'm not gonna give away all my secrets! Not to mention, it's not have as much fun becoming a success if you don't at least do some of the work yourself...

Note: Some people are just really good at messing up sure things. So I can't promise these are fail safe topics. You can mess them up by writing hubs that are too short, plagiarizing or turning these topics into overly promotional or spammy hubs.

Title tuning

Google has changed quiet a bit over the last few years and it is very probable they will change the system again. At the current moment, what google crawlers do, is search for titles first. Then they search for keywords and then for words found in the articles directly.

This means that if your title is way off, says nothing specific about your topic or doesn't use keywords, you're going to have to relay on latter methods to show up in the searches. This isn't horrible for your average writer, but for those that want to become ultra successful, you must learn to create titles that google will get friendly with.

You can take the title of this hub as an example.

"Hubpages: How to Make Money"

I put hubpages first because anyone who wants to know how to become a success story by writing for hubpages, will use that keyword the most. "how to" is the next keyword in my title and receives approximately 338,000,000 search hits per month. Ironically, it's very low competition as well. "Make money" is also included in my title, as many people want to know "how to make money" online. 

The title is short, keyword rich, keyword specific and you can easily understand what this hub is going to be about, simply from the title.

Study your keywords and climb that ladder to success!

Follow and socialize with ACTIVE hubbers

What good does it do you to follow hubbers who are not active in their hubbing? Do you think they are just as active at reading their hubber feed emails? Or about reading your hubs?

Highly unlikely.

Inactive hubbers really don't do you or themselves much good. So make sure their hubtivity is at least semi-regular, otherwise you're just wasting your time. You can read the few hubs they have, comment on them and up their rank all you want, they aren't going to be back soon to do the same for you.

You want to follow those hubbers who will follow you back. This way you can create a mutual atmosphere of helping each other out. When you read and comment on their hubs (genuinely), they are more likely to do the same for you.

Write about what you've already written about

If you have been an article writer for some time, you probably have a bunch of articles on various writing sites. If this is so, you can rewrite your own articles, or simply write about the same topics and publish them on hubpages. Don't copy your old work and paste it her, but create something new and interesting from what you already have.

It's easy to do this, as you should already know the subjects you've written about. Even if you need to refresh your memory a bit, that's no big deal. At least you still have a place to go look when you are stumped on what to write.

Make a name for yourself in the Forums

Hubpages forums are unique in that you have an opportunity to become well know for more than just your freelance writing skills.

In the forums, you are less likely to see topics that hubs can easily be created from. What you are likely to see are conversations and debates that you can get in on, which will either bring raves or rants your way. Either one will bring more attention to your profile and your hubs.

So get down with your philosophical self and have some fun on the forums.

Turn "answers" into hubs

Hubpages "Anwsers" has become a great source of inspiration for me as far as creating hubs goes. Often times I will be browsing answers to see if I can help anyone out, and someone will post a question that I might just know a little something about.

In fact, this very hub was created from an answer that I found just a little while ago.

On top of turning answers into great hubs, you can also earn some awesome recognition trough hubpages accolades if you answer lots of questions.

Put details on your pictures!

When you ad a source, URL and caption to your hub photos, google will be way more likely to crawl your page. It will have a chance to crawl it for your title AND your photos before it goes for any other method.

Promote your hubs EVERYWHERE!

I cannot stress this enough.

If you don't promote yourself, no one will.

You need to get out there and find creative ways to promote your hubs. I've found facebook and craigslist to be vary helpful. Though just like anything else, you have to continue to promote each hub on a regular basis until they start to generate their own traffic. This can take some time and persistence, so don't give in just because you're not seeing results right away.

Persistent Self-Promotion = Success Story

Will you be the next success story?

See results

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