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Hubpages- New Addiction?...Experiences of a newbie.

Updated on September 29, 2009

The Reluctance:

"Hey, do you know about hubpages?"... was the question one of my friends asked me during an usual chat we had. I thought this was one of the other scam sites and i visited the link he gave, just not to let him down. I checked it, said it is nice just for the sake and closed the browser and went on with the chat and other things i've been doing.

I don't know why, but clicked on that link once more and spent some time on hupages. The word "adsense" popped out several times. The most significant thing was, they provided a space for me to give my adsense id and other affiliate site id's.

I was reluctant to give my adsense id at first(i already had an account on adsense). "Why should they have my adsense id?", i thought and did not provide my id. But i went on inside and found lot of people writing different topics and discussing various subjects. Man, this is cool!!!.

That Rings A Bell!

Bodybuilding is one of my favorite topic and i thought i can also give it a try. Right away i wrote a topic on Proteins, without any knowledge on hub creation. But somehow, i managed to include a picture and to make paragraphs. When i published it after an hour or so, wow... it felt great!!!, i should be thinking of creating more hubs.

Also, there came google ads on my article. Now, i understood why hubpages ask for my adsense id. I went right away to my account settings and entered my adsense id. And confirmed it inside my google account too(that gave me some relief- atleast,it's still within my control). Once i published my first hub, hubscore came to my notice. So i researched on that in froums and all, to know that it has to do something with traffic, content, keywords.... (whatever...).


Next day when i signed in, hey, my hubscore was up a bit and i had a fan... this is really cool, people really use this site. When i finished my second hub on Muscle building, i was like getting some "kick out of it".

It was then i noticed that each of my hubs had scores of their own, and it increased slowly day after day. After three days, some of my hubs started showing up on "featured hubs". Man, i cannot explain how i felt. With no prior experience in content writing, i came up on featured hubs, that was cool. So i decided to go along with this and started participating in the forums, questions, answering others... u know... things like that. Altogether, it felt good.

It gets Serious...

I saw many people testifying about the earning they have and how they maintain their traffic and all. So, i got interested in that line and started to use the techniques i learned from other hubbers. There was not much development, but i kept on doing what we do here... hub on...:)
One day there was a .20$ collected in my adsense account. Wow, u got to know yourself how it feels. It was not much of an amount, but as a newbie, it was something like, a "Milestone"?. From then on, there was no turning back. It doesn't matter if i earn or not, it will work out for me someday.

Am a happy soul. Man, i've got my articles online. Im on world wide web, a writer... isn't that great!!!.

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    • aj's profile image

      Abhijith Bob Babu 5 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Hi Carol, yes im still writing... but had to take a long break... but i have a bunch of written articles with me which i think i'll be able to publish from this coming month. Anyways, thanks for visiting... nice meeting you...

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I found this hub because I just wrote a similar one. I was wondering if you still are writing and full of enthusiasm..

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      I am addicted to Hubpages as well. This was a great read; I voted it up and useful!

    • aj's profile image

      Abhijith Bob Babu 8 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Thank you emievil...

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 8 years ago from Philippines

      Oooppps, seems I am too late to welcome you to hubpages. But hey you're topic is very familiar. hmmm, oh yes, I went through exactly the same things you experienced when you joined hubpages =). It is addicting (specially the forums). Anyway, thanks for becoming my fan and happy hubbing!

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I love this site. I found great family here. We learn together here, with many benefit and a lot of information from various hub. welcome aboard!

    • Ladda_boonmee profile image

      Ladda_boonmee 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      Hi aj's

      Thank you for inviting me to see this hup. It is great. I like it and it inspire me now! Thank you aj's

    • patful profile image

      patful 8 years ago

      Welcome to the world of hubs. You did a good job in describing that feeling of getting launched.

    • christophallen profile image

      christophallen 8 years ago

      Great hub. I am a new Hubpages junkie, too!

    • kaysantiago profile image

      kaysantiago 8 years ago

      hi aj, tnx for the words of encouragement, it's nice to hear from someone like you who is quick to drop words to newbies like me. But I don't know yet how it works to earn, guess I need some more info.

    • Prosperity Red profile image

      Prosperity Red 8 years ago


      Thanks for the insight. Yes, I'm a new-by with hub-pages. I look forward to following your further insights and information.

      Prosperity RED

    • aj's profile image

      Abhijith Bob Babu 8 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Welcome, all of you... It is really great to have you all around...

    • roony99 profile image

      roony99 8 years ago

      hey AJ

      THANKS ...!!! feels good to be welcomed....

      nice blog... interesting for the new bies

      have got a lot to learn from u... be my guide.. please..

      i shall remain in touch

      thanks again


    • profile image

      Recovery Pride 8 years ago

      Thanks for the article. I've been feeling a little like a fish out of water here on HubPages. Your article helped, and made me more interested & determined.

    • undagroundjoe profile image

      undagroundjoe 8 years ago from Southern California,USA

      cool hub aj's. Thanks for the comment on my hub, too.

    • SweetWellness profile image

      SweetWellness 8 years ago

      Great article aj's - nice overview of the hubpages big idea. Thank you for that.

    • aj's profile image

      Abhijith Bob Babu 8 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Yes, you start writing about the things u know... Start sharing your knowledge.

    • sproutlady profile image

      sproutlady 8 years ago from Pennsylvania

      just found hubpages. now to begin writing and sharing things I know about, right?

    • profile image

      heart4theword 8 years ago

      Thanks for the encouragement, New to this, and just stumbled across this new thing called hub pages:)

    • aj's online money profile image

      aj's online money 8 years ago

      great to be at hubpages again...

    • profile image

      Colin T Mercer 8 years ago

      I understand your thoughts exactly