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HubPages, a great way to express yourself and make money online

Updated on July 20, 2013


Hi all of you this is my first Hub that is why I think to write about HubPages. HubPages is a great way to express yourself and earn money online. There are many articles about HubPages and its earning program but I said earlier that it is my first hub so I want to dedicate it to HubPages.

First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Utsav Tripathi. I am from India. I am a lawyer and technology seeker. I`m also a part time blogger and love to write about law, law and technology, technology, how to articles, gadgets, Internet , blogging and how to make money online.

Hubpages,express yourself

As I Said I am a blogger and while research on the web I read an article about HubPages and its earning program. That article is very informative and helpful for me to understand HubPages. After that I more interested to know about HubPages so I search more and more about HubPages on the internet. I read articles related to HubPages and watch video tutorials to learn the system of HubPages. There are so many articles and video related to HubPages available on the internet. Due to my research about HubPages I decided to join HubPages and in condition to write about HubPages.

Here is some main point That describes my view about Hubpages...

  • HubPages is a revenue sharing website . It provides a platform for users to write articles so it is a user generated content based website.
  • Hubpages is started in August 2006 by Hummer Winblad in USA. Very soon it became a popular website of the USA.
  • HubPages is a great platform for writers to express their view on various topics with the help of text,media and links.
  • The user of HubPages called Hubber and the articles are called Hubs.
  • After creating a hub , Hubbers may earn money through various programs as Google Adsense, Amazon and E bay. The earning is depends upon the traffic of the hub.

Attribution-Photo by 401(K) 2013
Attribution-Photo by 401(K) 2013 | Source

Earn money through HubPages

Hubbers may earn money through HubPages by creating high quality hubs. The earning depends upon the traffic of hubs, more traffic more earn.

HubPages is also a revenue sharing website it means the earning is divided into 60:40 ratio. In which 60% are for Hubbers and HubPages keeps rest 40% revenue.

There are so many ways to earn money from HubPages.

  • Google Adsense Program

The Google Adsense program run by Google Inc. This is an advertising program that allows publishers to monetize their site or blog and earn money. There are many advertisement program run by various companies but Google Adsense is the best program. The minimum payout of Google Adsense is 100 US Dollars. It is for all types of publisher but you must follow the rule and regulation set by Google. Google is very sensitive about their rules if you violate then you banned forever.

  • HubPages ads Program

This is also an advertisement program run by HubPages itself. HubPages Ads program is a mix advertisement program by many advertising partners. This program can be run with Google Adsense program. The minimum payout of this program is 50 US dollars. Hubber can maximize their earning through HubPages ads program.

  • Ebay ads Program

Habber may also earn with Ebay provides Pay per click advertisement program for Hubbers. HubPages has a partnership with ebay and any Hubber can easily apply and join The ebay earning program through HubPages.

  • Ebay Affiliate Program

A Hubber may also join the ebay affiliate program. If any person go to the ebay website through HubPages and make a purchase the some commission goes to the Hubber of that hub from which that person go to the ebay.

  • Amazon affiliate Program .

Just like the ebay affiliate program a Habber may earn through the Amazon affiliate program. First of all he should join the Amazon affiliate program through HubPages earning programs . After he is able to add Amazon capsule to their hubs and any sell made through that Hub commission goes to the Habber.

Among all of them I like the HubPages ads program because it is an ads program by HubPages and it is based on page impressions. The payout of the HubPages ads program is only 30 dollars. Other hand Google Adsense is based on pay per click and the payout is 100 dollars. But you must need a Google Adsense Account to earn money through a Hubpages ad program and also for ebay program.

The other options are E bay ad program and E bay and Amazon affiliate program. You May earn decent money from these earning programs also.

What should be done for better result?

Any person who wants to earn more from HubPages should do some necessary steps.

Which are...

  • Write quality articles
  • The text count of articles are not very less.
  • The articles contain pictures, video or link. In other word article should be made rich.
  • The article Should be unique. Should not be copy paste matter.
  • Join Hubpages earning program.
  • Drive traffic to your Hubs through promotion of your Hubs.


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What is a quality article?

A quality article includes many factors like..

  • A good and search engine friendly title.
  • The article should be Based on a new subject and has a unique story.
  • The article is not very short, it has a good number of words for reading and engaging the readers.
  • The article should be arranged in a very elegant way. That increase readers' interest. It should just like a magazine article or story type.
  • If possible, it should be contained high quality pictures and video.
  • Give proper attribution to a picture or video if required.
  • Do not use copy and paste material.
  • Completely avoid using copyrighted content without proper permission.
  • Grammar and spelling of English should be correct.

Above points control the quality of an article.


In above articles I am trying to explain Hubpages and its earning programs and in my point of view it is true, if you work with a positive approach, you can get maximum benefits from Hubpages.

It is not a get quick rich platform. It needs your hard work and dedication and result is very fruitful.


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    • profile image

      Sumit 3 years ago

      A good article by you very informative....i am considering hub pages to join and create some quality articles. I had written for someone elses blog to get paid. But now i am thinking of creating my own articles...why should i give credits of written articles to someone else so my question is Can i earn as pay per impression basis on hub pages

    • profile image

      articleshome 4 years ago

      I am also new with hubpages, but I write on You explained this article so nicely and detailed. Very informative article and thanks for sharing it.

    • Ancillotti profile image

      Ancillotti 4 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Good! Success for you

    • Ancillotti profile image

      Ancillotti 4 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Good! Success for you