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Hubpages-a hard candy to crack!

Updated on February 12, 2012
Until and unless you write a lot of hubs then your rating will stay high
Until and unless you write a lot of hubs then your rating will stay high
Still confused why my rating is falling with traffic. You have to spend about three hours a day at least to earn money on it.
Still confused why my rating is falling with traffic. You have to spend about three hours a day at least to earn money on it.

Hubpages is no doubt one of the best sites of the world in terms of quality and quantity; however it’s not that easy to make money as it appears to be.

hub rating

First of all if you are starting on it then you will face many troubles. As your rating will not be that high as you have just started and you will take time to get accustomed to it. This fact clearly puts you in the back foot and when you see featured posts you will notice that most of them have been writing for approximately 2 years. This is a very large period if we consider this time. So you have to wait for a specific period of time so that you can get some traffic.

Even if your rating is good for example like 80, its nothing. As your posts will not be shown in the search engine even if someone has typed the exact initials. If for example you have written a hub as ‘who am I?’ and you write the exact name in the search engine then even if 10 pages go by you wouldn’t be able to see your article. You will see other posts which don’t even have the same initials but are some what related will go by and your article will not appear. This thing really pisses me off. The search also works on the popularity of the hubber rather than on the searched item.

After few days you will see your rating decline automatically as you are not getting enough page views. How on earth I will get page views if my hub is not shown to any one even if he types it. How would anyone follow me and why would one follow me. If doesn’t happen then my rating will constantly drop. Then this will also reduce the number of page views as who would want to read an 80 rated article if there is another hub of 90 rating. Then how can I increase my rating?

The dilemma of not being the hub of the day

On the front page only those posts which are published by top hubbers in the last 24 hours are shown. Naturally, the people will read them. In my opinion there should be a list of posts published in the last 24 hours so that each hub gets the equal chance to be seen to the viewer. They can reduce 24 hours to 12 hours if the list will be too prolonged but at least its justified isn’t it?

Then whether you have just started or you are an experience writer you all are of the same category. They should make classes to appreciate those who have started. This will boost up their abilities as they will think that they have accomplished something if they are on top of the starters’ list. But nothing of this sort happens.

No Qualification standards differential

There should be a division of qualification also. Comparing an MA with 15 year old writer is harsh. Naturally there will be some difference between the qualities of scripts. Then it will reduce the time one takes to come on the front page. Each individual will get chance to come to the front easily which is currently dominated by mostly established writers. This will break their monopoly which they have formed.


Then the number of categories that are made on the hubpages is not diversified. It’s difficult to differentiate that in which category my hub will fall. The hubpages should divide the hub itself in the correct category after going through the entire hub.

I hope that hubpages will go through what I have written and the rest of the hubbers will accept these issues which I have raised here.


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    • NA the great profile image

      NA the great 5 years ago

      Okay I'll try and try to publish one hub a day. Can you tell me the name of other reliable sites

    • PositiveChristian profile image

      PositiveChristian 5 years ago from Hailsham, England

      I don't think Hubpages is as bad as you make out. If you apply yourself to writing a few good quality hubs and take part in the other social aspects of the site you'll soon begin to rise in level and find some success.

      If you are not happy with Hubpages there are lots of other publishing sites that might suit you better, but please give Hubpages a fair try first.