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Hubpages makes money making easy

Updated on February 16, 2012
Earn money through the Google Adsense account!
Earn money through the Google Adsense account!

Hubpages is one of those sites which inculcate the self-believe in you as an individual. It is rated as one of the best freelance writing sites of the world with a good and trustworthy record. Apart from this, the pay rules are also quite simple and easy to understand and there is no fraud. It has opened the gates for people of any age group and locality to fuse through their thoughts in a friendly and humble manner. It has reduced global differences as well.

Hub Statistics and Hub Rating importance

It appears as a challenge to the writer that if there is someone who is earning more money through the clicks and page views then why can’t he? He sets a target that he will run approximately $1 initially and then to even $40 per day too. Money can only come as far as the strength of the hub is very high. As no one would want to read a hub with a rating of 50 if there is another hub on the same topic with a rating of 80 so we can’t just ignore the quality. The length of the hub is not a big concern. No matter how succinct or how lengthy it is if it is quality stuff then your rating will be automatically be high. The featured hubs on the front page, is a place where every one dreams to be. If your article is already there then you would try to be there at least for two weeks. Every day the challenge becomes tougher and you have to respond to it. Your future hubs should be tantamount to your previous hubs perhaps better if it can be. However, if the quality falls nothing big will happen except that you will loose the home page. Then if you want to stop yourself from falling you have to come up with a hub of 90 rating to compensate for the loss.


New comers find it difficult to choose a topic to write on initially. Mostly the best option for them is to choose the topic from the Hubnuggets. It has all the news of the upcoming events that are happening for example LA LIGA nowadays which tells us what the hubbers are looking and demanding for. Its the best way to promote your own hub as well as you can ask other hubbers that you have written an article on the latest news and so they can access you. On other places you are not permitted to mention your article categories and its name but at Hubnuggets its simply all about you.

Hubpages: a place for experts

The best thing about hubpages is that each hub is first read by a bunch of analysts and then it is given a rating. I mean to say that there is a check and balance on your article by some experts so you can’t simply blame anyone but yourself if your initial rating is low. On other sites the hub is basically rated by the viewers so it keeps you in fantasy that perhaps the viewer failed to grab something you were trying to say. Then the fluctuations in rating are governed by page views, comments and number of followers. Thank God the fluctuations are not great. They vary approximately 5 points on both the ends. The more activity is shown on your account the more benefit you will receive so you have to write regularly in order to stay in, otherwise you are lost. This keeps you enthusiastically involved in it and makes you punctual as well.


It also helps to establish a communication with your followers through comments. You can use it as a social community also and in a community you have to meet certain standards to keep your relations strong. You have to meticulous in this regard too. It’s also very challenging. You have to keep yourself engage in the hubtivity as if you don't then your rating will automatically fall for sure. No matter if you have written a hell of an article.

Not to forget everyday goals assigned to you by the hubpages’ members like writing 100 hubs in 30 days. It keeps on asking you whether you have the bones to do it. Whoever manages to fulfill it gives him or her that personal satisfaction that he is no lesser than other members on the hubs.

Another aspect which increases competition is that there is no age limit. From the day you can hold a pen till the day you are able to hold it, you can contribute. This gives each individual an equal chance to participate. This aspect makes you strive hard that no you are better than that hubber who has done MA even if you are doing A-levels. The older members can assume that our period was much better than theirs as we spoke and use hard vocabulary so why not show these young lads how it is done?

Hubpages helps you to use your energy in the right direction. Your account on hubpages is your identity and to keep your identity strong is a challenge for you.


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