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Hubpages Payment date and how it works

Updated on January 28, 2014

Getting paid for your contributions at Hubpages can really motivate you to do more. I remember when I got my first payment from Hubpages through the Earnings program. I was a bit excited that I could also earn some good income for writings I've already published. I resolved to do more work by writing more hubs.

The Hubpages Earning program is one that allows writers to earn money from Hubpages directly though a variety of ways and get paid by Paypal at the end of the month. For most Hubbers, we tend to already know that the minimum payout level is $50 and I have to say that there are not so many people making that every month consistently except for the few that have done some good work at writing traffic pulling articles.

Anyway, one big question most of us normally ask anytime we feel it is time to get paid for our work is "When is the payment date?". We want to know which exact date or time Hubpages would actually make payment to our Paypal accounts.

Well, I've been with Hubpages for quite sometime and from my experience, payments are normally made out by Paypal on the 28th of every month after the month in which your accumulated balance is at least $50. Yes, your earnings accumulate every month and when it reaches the $50 payout minimum, you are going to get paid before the end of the next month.

Based on my personal experience at Hubpages, I've being paid 4 times and all those payments which were made mostly in 2013 were made exactly on the 28th of every month.

How do payments really work?

It can be a bit confusing at times for a newbie or even experience writer to fully understand how Hubpages payment system really works. Some may say "but my balance is already $50 this month and It's already the 30th and I've not yet being paid". Well, it doesn't exactly work like that. You need to first earn up to $50 in a particular month or your balance should be at least $50 in a particular month and by the next month, you'd be able to receive your payment.

If you earned $50 in a particular month of your balance already accumulated to that minimum, you are still not going to be paid in that same month but the following month after the one in which your balance has accumulated. So, one thing you should be looking at in order to know when to expect a payment from Hubpages is your balance and you can find this in your balance history at Earnings > Balance history.

Hubpages Email Notification

One of the cool things I also love about Hubpages payment system is that you get an email each time they've sent payment to you. The last time I received an email notification from them, the subject read; "HubPages Earnings Program: Payment Issued". In the body, you'd also be able to see how much you've been sent and the transaction ID which will also show up in your Paypal account. You can as well go to your Paypal account and confirm that the funds are already there for your use.

Paypal connection

To receive payments from Hubpages, you need to ensure that you have provided Hubpages with a working Paypal email address because it is to that account that your Paypal payment would be sent. For now, Paypal is the only means of payment I've seen used at Hubpages. Once you have linked your Paypal account to your Hubpages account using the payment settings, you'd be able to receive your funds almost immediately as Hubpages sends it and you could use it for whatever you like such as shopping on eBay, withdrawing to your bank or ATM and so on. Paypal payments is the fastest way of getting paid for online work and I think everyone should embrace using it.

How to increase your income from Hubpages

Lots of writers have written about several ways to earn more income from Hubpages. While some people are earning a full time income from Hubpages, there are others who are still trying to earn at least $50 from it per month. Well, the trick is that it really boils down to writing quality stuff. Write about things that people need. Write informational stuff that would remain relevant for many years to come. Write about things people are searching for and provide ready answers to them. It may only be a matter of time before you get a large number of followers because of your work and even if you are not that popular, your work could still get popular because of its uniqueness and helpfulness and still earn you a good income even when you are passive.

Writing many hubs also increases your potential for more income that writing just few. If 10 hubs are already bringing $10 a month for you, then it means you could actually earn up to $1000 if you wrote up to 1000 hubs of similar importance.


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