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Hubpages thoughts

Updated on July 10, 2015

First Impressions

Hubpages is a great way to share a little knowledge and/or experiences on the net. The main structure of the hub allows you to build a webpage of your own, you can add many different modules such as text, pictures, videos and affiliate programs.The website is good and filled with useful tutorials, and the page views are good if you keep working at it to keep your Hubpages fresh with intersting and useful content.

There are plenty of hubbers here who are happy to help with any questions you have. help is only around the corner.

Affiliate Programs

You will need to setup 2 affiliate accounts and join the Google adsense program to get the full benifits of your hub/web page.

All your profits from the products you sell from Amazon and Ebay will be shared with Hubpages, they make this very easy to do so dont worry. The Amazon program is changing though, so read the instructions carefully in the earnings section under account settings. If you are adding a product, try not to over do it, keep it short and sweet.

Fine Tune Your Work

To be honest after looking around on Hubpages I have come to realize, there are some amazing articles, and to become a good hub writer, I am going to need to create some really hard hitting work and fine tune my hubs as well as making them different.

Writing tutorials seems to be good step in the right direction step by step with a video or some pictures its grate. I have seen many hubs do really well with tutorials. I'm always on the internet looking for solutions or answers to questions of various natures. Hubpages gives you the platform to do this and make some money while your at it.


When building a hub it is important to create a good article, but, it is just as important to get good pictures and videos and other capsules. Once you have your work set out, go back over it, and play with the layout to get the best look. I would watch your hubs carefully as time goes on to track if your layouts and articles.

It looks like Hubpages has added some goals for you to achieve, to create more than 1200 words with 3 pictures and 2 videos will drive more traffic to the hub you have created, of course this also still depends on quality and interest of the reader.


12 days ago I joined Hubpages and I have made $0.71 with 2 hubs. I'm not happy with the speed of progress or how much hard work that is need to be put in, but, I have to say I really can see potential, if I keep at it and improve my writing skills it should pay off.

My goal is to get to $2 a day and start from there.

Making Money on hubpages

To make money on Hubpages signing up to adsense and applying for amazon is essenssial, as well as signing up for hupages Adprogram. All details of your earnings are labelled under your account settings. In your settings you will find details of how much you earn everyday on Adsense, Adprogram, Amazon and Ebay, this will help guyed you to see how may visitors and click you are getting, and should be analysed to see whats working and what needs updating.

Hubpages has spent a lot of time making it easy to earn money from the hubs you build, and this is shown when you are setting up your hubs, as you add amazon and ebay capsules and the ads are displayed automatically.

Not putting in the time to Hubpages

Hubpages is a great way to make money, but you need to put in the time and make some hubs. Unfortunately with a baby on the way and work has been expanding time is the one thing I don't have.

So lots of money in the bank from Hubpages with thousands of views per month? NO, is the answer, and the reason is I haven't been putting in the time or reading over my newest hubs.

Plan 1 review old and new hubs and create 1 hub a week.

Plan 2 look into pulling more traffic to the pages.

I still really enjoy reading other peoples hubs and creating new pages with a topical theme, so lets see how it goes.

Time and revision

After year of being on Hubpages, I have't got far. It takes time to build up and revise your work often.

With all great things you need to keep building on it. Take time to deliberate what your going to write about, and research it well with interesting references.


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