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Hubpages:quality, quantity or promotion

Updated on November 28, 2010

How the problem arise?

When we are on hubpages, most people would think about how to increase the number of hubs to earn more. Is that your main task you need to do when you really need to earn more on hubpages? When I was looking at the problem, I thought of two members, one is writing more than two thousand hubs but earning much less than he expected. You can read his hub about how he managed to write one thousand hubs and earning only between seven to eight dollars on average. By the way, his hubs are not bad at all. The other is an example of a guy who claimed that he earned one thousand dollars with only 13 hubs in a month.
When we are thinking about the cases, we can easily think of an another issue: is internet overly saturated? I am going to say, yes, the internet is overpopulated with contents, almost every niche has its competition. Those people who have done success going through the competition and wins. What do you need to do is to challenge the competition and get to the top.
After a few months of contemplation, I have finally come to a conclusion. Promotion is much more important than quantity and quality here in hubpages. Why? imagine that you can get to the top of one of the most searched keywords and stay there. You should be making consistent passive income with your articles just by promoting and solidating your status quo. In order to stay there, you have to get more backlinks than your competitors, you need to increase the page rank of the pages. If you divide your efforts more on writing hubs, then you have to face the consequences of dropping rank down in the long run and lose the competition. Internet is not like the one in the past, everywebsite you build, without any promotion, traffic will come naturally and you can make money. Without adequate promotion, no matter how good your hub is,

The case studies

Many of the successful hubbers follow the guideline. Read their hubs, is their writing technique better than ours? Their hubs more than ours? No, they have a clear idea of what they have to focus. Most of the hubbers have several hundred hubs at most and in most cases, the hubbers with fewer hubs are doing good.
If you want to do well with adsense or any affiliate programs, the targeted traffic is the key. You have to drive right kind of traffic to your hubs as much as possible, so you can get your ads clicked and your products sold. If you say, hey, I don’t care about traffic at all, I just want to showcase my work. I think you are wasting time, in my opinion. If you think your work is good enough to stand out in the crowd and don’t need any promotion, I think those works must be the ones cannot make you much money. Most of the topics covered are ones that have been talked about a lot. Few hubbers talked about very narrow topics that few people will read. In the above example, I think the man is writing more about technical stuff that only a limited number of people would read or chasing wrong keywords. The visitors who want to click on your ads are ones have commercial intentions, your article is just one means of attracting your potential visitors so that they can stay long on your page and possibly click a few links.
Some people will ask do you mean quality is not important? No, I didn’t say that. As long as you can ensure the quality and promotion of your hubs, you will succeed at last. And in my opinion, promotion is more important than both quantity and quality, considering that your writing technique can be on average. Talking about hubs, as long as you can provide the necessary information your readers need, you are doing a good job. There is no need to pursue the qualities professional writers have. We don’t need to publish our hubs on Times or press.


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