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HubPages: How to Turn a Simple Subject into a Page Worth Reading

Updated on October 20, 2015

We All Want Something We Don't Have


Yeah What You Want or Need

My first thought is that people need money to get the things they want. People need things to bring in an income to get enough money to get what they want.

So. Doesn't this sound like a vicious circle. You need money to get what you need. You need to work to get the money to start with. So, really, in a nutshell. you need money to make money.

Wow. What a thought.

So, if you change what you want to something that is free, like air, then you don't need money to accomplish that feat. If you wish to enjoy a sunset, that is free. If you wish to plant a garden, then you are talking more of an investment of both time and money. First you need a garden plot. Or, a small box. Then, you need some dirt. Then you need some water and seeds.

Time. You need time. Time is important.

It Takes Money One Penny at a Time


Some Wants take Lots of Money


Time is Free


How About You

Do you have wants and needs?

See results

Topics can be Hard to Pick

Some topics you cannot talk about. Some topics cause people to be happy. Some to be sad. Some to be angry.

The subjects that make people angry are the ones to avoid. The subjects that call attention to something that people shouldn't think about, should be avoided.

For example: I am planning a family reunion. The reunion hosting was handed to me a couple years ago and I this is my second year of hosting. It should be simple, however, this year, there is a problem.

Someone planned a wedding on the same date as the reunion. Ooops! Well, so, since I am hosting a reunion, it doesn't make sense to have the reunion on the traditional date because it won't produce enough attendance. So, thanks to social media, I can put it out there to have everyone's input on when to hold it.

Everyone can put it out there and then, we'll agree on a date to have it. It would be different if I was just having a party to have a party. Then, if one person showed up, which would be me, it would be okay. Anyone else would just be a bonus.

But this is different. This is a reunion. People who make an effort to attend would be disappointed by the lack of people. Granted, the people who would show up, would be okay, but the majority would resent the ones that did not attend.

We're flexible and it is so much easier now that everyone can see the problem, and respond to it. It used to take lots of phone calls to get it coordinated. Now, you type in a status request on your social media, and it is shared within minutes and everyone talks about it.

Writing a Simple Paragraph


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 2 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Informative and interesting post. The subject is a welcome one. Keep on writing. All the best. Shared.

    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 3 years ago from Minnesota

      Thank you Venkatachari M.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 3 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      It's a good subject. You have done a hub out of a simple thing. It is the way of writing that writers need to adopt. Very ordinary, simple things can be turned into interesting topics for writing.

      Voted up.