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Everyday Life: How to Turn a Simple Subject Into a Page Worth Reading

Updated on January 5, 2019

We All Want Something We Don't Have


You Need Money to Make Money But the Most Important Things are Still Free - The Simple Truth

My first thought is that people need money to get the things they want. People need things to bring in an income to get enough money to get what they want.

So. Doesn't this sound like a vicious circle. You need money to get what you need. You need to work to get the money to start with. So, really, in a nutshell. you need money to make money.

Wow. What a thought.

So, if you change what you want to something that is free, like air, then you don't need money to accomplish that feat. If you wish to enjoy a sunset, that is free. If you wish to plant a garden, then you are talking more of an investment of both time and money. First you need a garden plot. Or, a small box. Then, you need some dirt. Then you need some water and seeds.

Time. You need time. Time is important.

This Jug Takes Money - One Penny at a Time


Your Change Exchanges into Paper Money


Time is Free


How About You

Do you have wants and needs?

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Facts and Pondering About Subjects that Cause Emotional Reaction

Some topics you cannot write about. Some topics cause people to be happy. Some to be sad. Some to be angry. I feel sorry for the actress that had a great career and made some sarcastic joke about another person. Her career ended. America misses her and wants her back on the screen. Because of fast media, she is in the proverbial corner. I think that she needs to be welcomed back. Truly there are more important offenses than hurting someone's feelings. She did apologize. That should mean something.

I read that there is a safe city not more than 7 hours travel from where I live. Unfortunately, their city has produced many violent crimes, just in the last week. People who cause violent crimes to occur, must not see the news and know that they are supposed to curb their addiction to violence.

The subjects that make people angry are the ones to avoid. The subjects that call attention to something that people shouldn't think about, should be avoided. Oh. Wait. I'm not selling how to make people happy, I'm just selling how to make a simple page more interesting.

Writing a Simple Paragraph


My daughter and I went to a Theater in Faribault, Minnesota, to watch a show by a comedienne. My mind plays tricks on me every time I want to just come up with her name. Ann Rowles, Mary Powles are the first two names that come to mind. It's actually - let me google it - Mary Rowles.

Agh. I wasn't very close. She was very good. We enjoyed the show. We had to sit through an Improv before she was on, and the Improv Group interacted with the audience and acted out a skit based on words that the audience shouted out. It was almost like the shower game that we played where everyone gave different words and the words were inserted into a page and the mother-to-be read it to everyone with the new words.

Mary Rowles

Interesting Words are Subjective - Aren't They?

There are key words to write about. There are subjects that inspire people to talk to each other. Some examples of subjects that cause people to converse together:

  • playoffs for the Super Bowl
  • what is for dinner - what you making?
  • what movies to go see
  • watching a children's program at the school
  • opinions about the President
  • opinions about controversial subjects


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