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I The Kitten

Updated on February 14, 2016

Leslie The Kitty

My name is Leslie Ator Saunders. I am just a kitten eight months old. It is amazing to live the way I do as a kitten!

Let's take my step sisters for one. I just love to pounce on them and claw them and bite them. They growl in pain and they hiss. They never fight back. Such cowards!

That leaves me with mom and dad. They spoil us three cats rotten! We have nourishing food and water out twenty-four seven. They give us canned cat food, in which we love it as a treat. They give us cat treats. I have twenty seven cat toys to play with. One thing about mom and dad is the fact that they always hold and cuddle me even when I'm sleeping. How annoying!

One thing that I can't stand is going to the vet to get my shots. Ow! Another thing that I can't stand is being brushed. It hurts!

Well, that sums it all up. I'm going to take a nap with hopes that I can get some sleep, without mom and dad cuddling me. Meow!


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