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I am a New Hubber, how about you?

Updated on March 4, 2012

Getting Started

I like many others stumbled across hub pages without any game plan in mind or any ambitions regards making money (Although I do want to make money). I signed up and promptly forgot all about it before stumbling back around 10 days later and started writing and most importantly reading hub after hub after hub after hub and so on. I read about writing good hubs, thoughts about grief, recipes, money making tips, movies and so many other random topics that would have never crossed my mind to look up under my own steam. What a great place for those that enjoy writing I recall thinking to myself.

That was around a week ago. This will be my 7th hub, I have written quickly and most likely not as effectively as I would like, patience is a virtue I lack. But I am learning and learning fast and I write this as much for myself to help consolidate that knowledge as I do in the hope that others will read it and offer tips and advice. I will update this hub as time goes on to continue to consolidate what I learn and to serve as a reminder to myself and any others that may search this hub out or stumble across it by happenstance.

Mr First Lesson

Everyone wants to make money! It seems a little obvious to state although that was not my main objective for joining and for starting to write I have found myself enticed and entrigued by the possibilites.

Entrigued as I am I find myself asking - How will I make money on Hubpages? The truth of the matter is that I may not, perhaps my hubs will not appeal to a broad enough audience, perhaps my writing will fall short of the required standard. Perhaps I do not have the staying power to stick at it as I see disappointing financial returns on my work. Are these thoughts/questions unique to me or have you too asked them of yourself?

I have read several fascinating hubs from more experienced hubbers (I believe that is the correct term) some of whom give great insights into how the have created both interesting and financially rewarding hubs. It seems to boil down to this, get traffic and lots of it, that as we all know is much easier said than done.

Internet users

Internet user growth
Internet user growth | Source

So how to get traffic?

I am far from answering this question but the root of it all seems to be write well, write often and be useful. One of my first hubs was entitled "Rescue Animals Bring Joy" and so far it has proved to be my most popular hub. Popular being a term I ascribe only loosely as its score is a mere 76 and has had less than 100 views. Although I have received some nice comments from other hubbers with has helped me greatly with enthusiasm and the desire to improve.

My hub about rescue animals is essentially little more than a love letter to my pets, I hoped when writing it and now that it is published that others read it and think about adopting animals rather purchasing but does it have broad appeal? The answer to that question is most likely no.

Internet users in their billions are unlikely to be searching for stories regarding my personal desire to see more animals rehomed therefore I am not likely to get man page views and therefore not likely to earn an substantial amount of money. Although at the time of writing this I have not yet monetized my pages.

My day job requires that I generate sales online for the company for which I work. I do this via a variety of means one of which involves helping the website get found. An invaluable tool I use for this purpose is the google Keywords. It allows me to see an accurate picture of what is being searched and where.

For Example if I use the term "Making Money Online" I can see that 550000 people search for that term monthly. However the competition for that same term is fierce. If I change the term to "How to make Money online" the results are even higher at 823000.

So what does that tell me? If I am to make any money on hubpages or online in general I need to match the search criteria that internet users want without blending in with the thousands or even millions of others who are doing the same thing.

Making Money from your Niche

Money to be made?
Money to be made? | Source

Finding a Niche

One of the best pieces of advice I have read on here is to find our own niche, something you know well and can write fluently, accurately and passionately about. I am yet to find my niche, but working it out is part of the fun.

I can write enthusiastically about movies, music, pets and many aspects of history but can I tell you the internet user anything you do not know or can find elsewhere? That is my mission and I do choose to accept it. So I will keep reading and keep writing and keep on trying and I may just get a few financial rewards in return.

As i have gone on I been taking mental notes, what are others writing about and more importantly what are others not writing about. I have written a hub regarding the academy awards as that is a topic that is trending heavily at the moment, but many others have done the same.

But what if I fail?

The one piece of advice I feel I am truly qualified to give to any new hubbers like myself is this. If you don't love writing, if you don't have the desire to share what you have learned, if you don't want anything more than the potential earnings you may never get them.

I write this with enthusiasm and a desire to make some additional income but I write it with no unrealistic expectations about giving up my job. But hey a man can dream!

If I fail, I fail. I will not shed a tear, I will not sulk I will have enjoyed the experience for what it is a chance to express myself in a way I enjoy.

Other internet activities

I am quite active online in general, I have blogged to a limited extent and seen very little financial return for my time. But hey that is not why I write. I have operate several websites which generate a good stream of traffic but not a great deal of revenue. I also participate in online surveys and regular buy and sell on ebay. Are their lessons I can learn that I can apply here?

Update no 1.

Since I have written the first segment of the this hub I have indeed started to earn money with it and the others I have written. Let us not excited as the earnings are less than $1 but it is encouraging to see that the earnings are coming in albeit in very small amounts. Given that i have not written any hubs with the intention of specifically generating money or generating traffic is this a promising sign that better earning potential exists? Perhaps, or perhaps this is as good as it is going to get.

My personal hubber score has risen to 84m which from what I have read is a respectable level, however aside from publishing hubs and being somewhat active in commenting on those of others I cannot explain why it has risen so quickly. The question remains what if anything am I doing right or indeed wrong?

Not all news is positive as the meager earnings I have accrued are based on page views and the page views seem to come largely on the day the hub is published and quickly fall back. If I do not continue to publish hubs every day how long till my hits fall to zero?

What is the secret?

Others have discussed their hubs in depth and have explained how they may get several thousand hits on hubs per day, I have reached nowhere near this number so I am yet to find the secret if there is one or perhaps it is just luck. I will update if any new developments come, until then I am just another new hubber learning the ropes.

Are you a hubber and why?

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Making Money Online

Do you make any money online

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How Much Money have I made?

So Far $0.83 from hubpages ad program. Impressive huh! :-) But do not despair as it is increasing albeit slowly.

Problems and my hubscore.

My personal hubscore has grown quickly less than a week I have found myself with a score of 92 although that has fluctuated and gone as low as 87 before creeping back up slowly. I was understandably pleased that my score has grown so quickly yet my page views have remained small and quickly drop off. For example a hub may get 40 views on day one and reduce to 20 on day two before falling to zero on subsequent days. In truth I write this amendment with the knowledge that views of this hub have dropped to such an extent that few if any will read this hub.


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    • ThoughtMonkey profile image

      ThoughtMonkey 5 years ago from United Kingdon

      Thanks Millionaire Tips feedback is always appreciated.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

      Welcome to HubPages. You're off to a great start, reading other hubs, and writing regularly. I wish you well.

    • ThoughtMonkey profile image

      ThoughtMonkey 5 years ago from United Kingdon

      cloverleaffarm thank you for your comment, time will tell my expectations are quite low but that is part of what makes it fun to find out.

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      From reading others, and from experience, if you aren't doing it as a full time job, the money will only be pennies. Good LUck