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An Offensive Piece of Advise

Updated on December 22, 2012
If your work isn't in this bonfire it isn't too late!
If your work isn't in this bonfire it isn't too late!

Perhaps a snicker and a cough

In reading through the questions posted on this site, I have notice that there are a few people here that take themselves way too seriously. And their work not seriously enough. I grant you that I am impressed and amazed at the number of professional writers here who seriously do make money at this. There are many articles here which are a credit to their authors. While these authors contemplate their words, I have read their comments on the popularity of some work or the virtues of editing. I have also noted that such writers are fairly unflappable.

There are others however who seem to treat this profession and Hubpages in general like Kindergarten.  When they don't get their sticker they become concerned. If their post isn't to everyone's liking they consider deleting it.

Seriously speaking, what is a thought worth? What price will you pay to be noticed? Those who conform to the masses don't get noticed. Those who delete their thoughts find that no one knows them. If you worry about accolades you find that you are always faced with reasons to worry. Lets face it, the world hates thinkers and takes a sadistic pleasure in frustrating those who seek its honors until you have gone so far in your pursuit that you expire without anyone knowing you passed on or even caring.

Who do we remember? What writers do we care about? We remember the writers that broke molds, were rejected countless times, got banned in quite a few countries, and said some things that people remember because at first the public probably didn't appreciate it and even may have disagreed violently with it but it stuck with them. If you aren't willing to climb on your private stake and be burned with the rest of the books that people hate you really don't deserve to be a writer.

Does that mean you have to provoke just because you can? Probably not, but it means that when you put words to pen you need to put your heart into it and damn the consequences. You need to hold your thoughts sacred and only worry about whether people are burning you for the right reasons. Make sure you are communicating your disgusting point of view clearly enough that when some dictator black lists your work amongst the others,  they actually quote your work as an example of what people shouldn't think and the little fink is able to describe what you meant and why that shouldn’t be allowed.

You may find that in your time, if you are honest that no one burns you; lucky you! You may find that everyone likes you; drat you! But if you aren't honest, even if you never pay the price for that dishonesty, you will never be satisfied with what you do. You will always be looking over your shoulder. You will always be checking the number of books you sold or reading your own reviews and become red faced when someone tears you to shreds. It is true that you can’t make everyone happy, so you might as well be yourself and let the people you piss off face you in the hear-after with the knowledge that everyone they hated will be looking at them and be quite immortal and their thoughts flame-resistant.


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    • JoyLevine profile image

      JoyLevine 3 years ago from 3rd Rock from the Sun

      And just to clarify, I mean when I say 'some' come for just the love of writing.... I mean some in the sense of ''very few"... the minority, for sure. Few and far between. Most are of the other class you speak of.

      But there are a few souls out there.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 3 years ago

      joylevine how could I forgive you for writing a book, sigh. if you check the date on this article, you'll see two things. One, I wrote it quite a while ago. Two, this article was obviously not addressing you. That being said, do you reacted quite violently to it. As Shakespeare wrote, "methinks the lady pretest too loudly." And if this isn't the case then God bless you. It is possible, that in the eternal moment since the last time I actually took to writing on the site, that HubPages has changed entirely. I don't have that much faith in human nature. I hated to admit the things that shaped me in the past. Although they have influenced my present, they aren't what drive me for the most part. I wrote this article as much for a personal reminder as for a general kicking in the can for anyone who might need it on a given day. I don't think there is a writer so free of ego that they don't need to remember from time to time that the write and should write from the heart. There are some true ego cases on the site or have been from time to time. I am smart enough to realize that even if this articlemight help them, they probably won't read it, or if they do they will revile it and it won't do them any good anyhow. On a positive note, it is nice to know that this article is still being read, and it is relevant enough to promote and insight emotional response.I appreciate you stopping by.

    • profile image

      Titia 3 years ago

      Th'eers nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for.

    • JoyLevine profile image

      JoyLevine 3 years ago from 3rd Rock from the Sun

      Where is the accolade button?


      There may be many that come here for (perceived) fame or recognition (within a framework of a mutual admiration society), many that come to expand their skills, many that use this as a platform to attempt to springboard into real journalism or recognized writing and many that come simply to express their views, share their experiences and share their little corner of the world.

      However, I believe that there are some that come here just as I do... who don't look at 'accolade' buttons, or whether or not 'Editor's Choice' is plastered across your article (and in reality realize that the reviewing process here on Hubpages leaves a lot to be desired but also can't be taken too seriously since this is simply a community forum and not a professional platform). Ask me how many buttons I have (voted up, voted interesting, awards, etc.) and I couldn't tell you. I don't even know all the options or where those buttons are most of the time.

      All I know is, I love to write. I have a passion for science and nature and I like to share that passion with others. I used to be able to do it in my day job and it was the most wonderful feeling on earth. I had a dream job, working with animals, giving demos on physics, chemistry, and every other field of science. Teaching classes on aerodynamics or doing public shark and sting ray feedings for the public, watching the children, seeing their faces light up for the first time when they make those connections, watching their eyes get huge and seeing the laughter as they discover the world around them... I miss that!

      I am an artist. I draw. I paint. I sing. I create. And I write... I write poetry, prose, lyrics, online content. I have written articles for magazines in my niche and for scientific forums. But that's not why I come here. But none of that means anything to me. I appreciate that I've been able to do it, but if you understand what I am trying to say, what I mean is,

      I don't write for recognition. I write because I love writing. It in itself is an artistic expression. I write because I want to share my passion, my vision. And if someone stumbles upon something that I've written, a different viewpoint) that makes them think about something in a new way, challenges a view that they've held (for example, say, a popular view on a certain animal with a notoriously negative reputation), then THAT is what I am after. THAT is what I care about. Or if something I say one day helps someone in something that they are experiencing, I am grateful for it. If it is something that they can relate to, or something that they can empathize with, then I am happy.

      Granted, I write in a lot of platforms, and I don't publish most of my deeper stuff here on hubpages. I try to keep it light here and informative.

      But all I'm saying here is that I don't believe I'm the only one here like that. I do think there are many here that write for the simple passion of expression and appreciate the sense of connecting.

      Expression is a beautiful thing. I can write down my feelings a lot better than I can express myself verbally. It's a way of getting the emotion out.

      My advice is don't worry so much about all the mindless banter when you see or hear it (in regards to the subject matter of your article). Which you probably don't, and this was just a reaction when the noise in your head gets too much (lol--I know that feeling. For me, when it got like that, I ran to the hills.... found my trail, hiked up the stone face of a mountain, descended its paths, got lost behind some hidden waterfall for awhile, and found peace among the quietness and stillness of nature, being totally alone in the wilderness, with only the rustling of the wind or the occasional call of a vulture riding the thermals, or the distant yip bark of a fox, while watching the deer in the meadows. And if I couldn't break away... I just kicked, screamed, cried for awhile behind closed doors, then came out with a smile).

      At any rate, I apologize for the novel I wrote here... but all I mean is, focus on the positive. Filter the negative and let it fall through the cracks. Strain the constructive criticism out of the inflammatory comments and let the rest, just fall away.

      And don't worry about other people.... all those years of rejection, misfit, being a loner... sure, it shapes you. It did me. I never followed the crowd. But I found that people are highly overrated anyway!

      I remember a quote... "I am neither leader, nor follower... but merely forge my own way through this world. I .... am a pathfinder." :)

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      That is enough - and more, my friend. Following and being true to one's own 'star' is a high calling in itself.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      I am not sure simple was the way I was put together. I do endeavor though to do as many things that I can along the way that I don't have to keep track of. Sometimes however, to walk the fine line between just action and charitable action you don't get much of a choice in complications. There are things I seem to be born to "say". I have found here that som ideas, are not ready to be understandable and when those are expressed in non poetic format they are not successful. I seem to only have strength of mind to clearly express that which is worthy of me to illucudate.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 6 years ago from TEXAS

      Ah, so it does! But how much simpler it is to not need to remember exactly what one said! It's like having a perpetual 'clean slate'!

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      I am anything if not painfully honest. It usually cuts both ways though.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 6 years ago from TEXAS

      My pleasure. Your work is ever interesting! I was smiling about your present but not always lucid thinking. That's quite an admission for you! :)

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      keep smiling my dear. I will see what I can do to aid you. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 6 years ago from TEXAS


    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      If it hadn't been so successful I might have unpublished this work a long time ago. Still I marvel at my lucid thinking which I am not always in possession of.

    • empire mike profile image

      empire mike 6 years ago from empire, colorado

      hey buddy, nellieanna suggested that you and i have a lot in common. in thumbing through the 258 other hubs of your's i need to read to get to know you, my thumb was telling me to stop here. i think she may be right. i found this archive very enjoyable reading- glad i wasn't on the receiving end of it... 257 to go

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      Thanks Mick, Appreciated. This one flowed off the pen and I am glad it did.

    • MickS profile image

      MickS 8 years ago from March, Cambridgeshire, England

      excellent stuff, exactly what needed to be said, far too many people on here worrying about medals. well written.



    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 8 years ago

      lol Thats ok Bailey. When I have problems with being too honest I give everyone their due and let them be as honest as they might choose to be and then take what I can from the comment and add it to a treasure trove of opinions I collect. When I analyze that treasure trove and see a pattern then I work on correcting it but not until then. When it actually boils down to a quirk of my condition then I decide whether it is something that I can use as a strength even if not easily understood or dealt with or whether it is something that requires mellowing or coping skills that allow others to be more comfortable. In this article I decided on the former rather then the latter.

    • profile image

      Baileybear 8 years ago

      thank you for your honest response about it being personal. I do understand what it is like being rejected too. I read you have Asperger's - so do I - guess we're not the greatest at tact. Perhaps people come across as on the attack if they are feeling supersensitive or insecure about an issue? I'm no expert on how humans tick though. Peace.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 8 years ago

      Perhaps it was personal. It was personal where I was concerned. I have spent most of my life being laughed at and rejected for my opinion and I thought I was over it. Then I came to the passion of writing and the fear of being rejected hit me again with a force that stopped my pen for an endless moment as it were. I have people like you and Rafini to thank as well as the many other substantive writers here who showed me that my fears weren't what they were cracked up to be. I found my calling as it were on Hubpages and found that things flow from my pen much better then I could ever say them with my halt tongue. I, since then have let my thoughts flow and things like this come out of my soul at the prompting of some poor honest hubber's question if that it was. You asked some interesting questions and it was a pleasure to answer for my own take on them.

      Oh and Rafini, just so you understand even if the poetry of my article didn't allow it, I more then most should know that it isn't what you do but why you do it that counts. I have deleted posts as well because I found that I had repeated myself and as one Hubber put it, I used the page I deleted to pick a couple key points and I added it to the other that came first. For the purposes of the article I was pointing at an attitude that people who are new in our craft have towards their thoughts that leaves little space for compromise. They either need to accept the wisdom of the cobbler who could sing opera or they need to get a pare and just let it go and only edit for content.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting Hub - seems personal though after reading comments above.

      Anyway, I really dropped by to say thanks for responding to my question in Q & A. Best Wishes.

    • Rafini profile image

      Rafini 8 years ago from Somewhere I can't get away from

      (just an example of being a square peg in a round hole...)

      I have deleted some of my forum posts for the sole reason that the thought expressed wasn't what I had intended - I usually use the delete key as a pencil eraser.

      The accolades are a fun part of HP, and can be used by different writers for different purposes. I enjoy them to track my own progress, but that's about it.

      I enjoyed your finish - thanks for reminding me what it means to be a writer. ;D

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 8 years ago

      But of course. The question you posted only prompted the article but as you are hardly the first person to have asked that question and most who do are a lot more frantic I couldn't help but express my feelings on the subject as it pared with other questions that I also extrapolated into a single frame of mind that I was addressing. You are entitled to your opinion and I would be churlish not to allow you your say when, even if this article wasn't strictly about your question I did use your question to spring board my article and prompt hits.

    • profile image

      Baileybear 8 years ago

      Interesting that you made an incorrect inference that I cared more about accolades than writing. I actually can't believe how much you chose to pull out of a reasonable question. I will be interested to see if you post this

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Well said. I have said it time and time again. If you want to write, just write. Put aside all of the little bells and whistles a site like this provides and write. If you write well, the likelihood that the bells and whistles may start going off is high.

      BTW, a place like this should be a good place to ply one's trade and nothing more. In five years it may not even be here anymore—

      The accolades won't matter. But the writing will last forever. Great writing, if you achieve it, will speak for itself.


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