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Updated on January 24, 2010

Haiti Needs Your Help!

IMAGINE if your home country is Haiti. Imagine your family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your family doctor, the store owner you bought stuffs from regularly, the school teacher who taught your child, the waitress who served you every morning, the newspaper boy who threw the paper into your front yard, and the few people you knew but didn't know them well yet; imagine they were all gone in the few minutes of the earthquake and you were the only one survived.

Imagine what emotion and feeling you would have standing alive and facing alone the humongous and unspeakable tragedy that had happened around you?

May be you can share the following feelings:

If the horror and the smell of death around you hadn't sunk your heart into the abyss of hell, your heart would surely be shattered when you found out your country barely existed anymore.

If you were a citizen of Haiti, your tears would never stop streaming down your face and instead of feeling lucky to be a survivor, you feel cursed for being still alive.

If you were a surviving Haitian of the deadly earthquqake that destroyed your life, your family, and your country, you would not believe there is a God in heaven and there is hope for you in the future.

If you were a surviving Haitian, you would lose all meanings in life. You would be close to a walking dead and desperately in need of love-lot of love!

When you look at Haiti today, please forget what race and nationality the people who live there. Please forget how poor the Haitians were. Please forget the corruption and inefficiency of the Haitian government. Most importantly, please forget blame, judgement, criticism, and discrimination. And please don't ask why the world has to give billions to help the Haitian people.

Open your eyes to see there is just one race on Mother Earth-the Human Race. We live here as a species and not by the passport we hold. When one family of the human race suffers, we all suffer. This is the reality of the new world we're ushering forwards for our children and their children. Every human being is a brother and sister to everyone. Helping the Haitian people is helping our fellow human beings.

No matter what religion you believe, your heart has to be bigger than just believing you have to be a good person. Your donation to the Haitian people should be seen as helping your brothers and sisters. Help as much as you can. No amount is small. Your love and kindness are what really count. Love and kindness-That's Humanity!

Please click the links below to help if you can:

Red Cross USA

Red Cross Canada

World Vision Canada


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