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Ideas for Making Money Using Amazon on Your Blog

Updated on October 10, 2012

Do you write a blog?

If you write a blog you will know how easy it is to set up a new blog and upload articles as often as you want. What you hope is that lots of people will read your blog and perhaps take part in discussions by posting their comments. As your audience grows you will be alert to the possibility of making money from your blog by adding pay per click adverts such as Adsense to it.

Adding the software that allows you to take advantage of Adsense clicks is very easy to install - but have you considered that trageting Amazon customers might be more lucrative and less likley to make your site look commercial (which might be a bit tacky if you are developing a serious authority site about your interest or profession).

It is easy to add Amazon to Wordpress!

Why is Amazon a better bet than Adsense for a serious blog?

Whatever your blog subject it is possible to write a review about a subject that is relevant. Even if you are a rocket scientist there will be a few good books on the subject being sold by Amazon. Writing a review about a book or a product is not going to detract from the quality of your blog - you can even set up a separate category called "shopping" or "recommended products".

Consider this - I write about a number of subjects including ideas for making money, angling and scuba diving. Take the latter - I might want to write about a particular brand and model of scuba diving computer that I like. The brand and exact model of the diving computer will be a key word used in the title and the post itself and as my site improves it will attract a number of people actively interested in, and possibly wanting to buy, that particular computer. If I have Adsense on the site they will be faced with a number of adverts that are selling things like diving holidays in the Maldives. One in every 100 visitors might click on an advert and earn me $1 if I am lucky.

If I have an Amazon affiliate link on my post page it will be more like one in every 10 visitors at least that will click through - and a few of them will undoubtedly buy something from Amazon even if it isn't the specific item they started looking for - still earning me a commission.

So a few sales for Amazon compared to a single click earning for Adsense!

And it dosn't end there - an Amazon sale will earn me at least 5% of the sale price of the item - consider that diving computers can cost anything from $300 to $1000 and more, and you can see that the Amazon sales might each be worth $100!

How easy is it to add an Amazon widget?

Dead simple:

Go to your plugins page on your Wordpress blog and click "add new". In the browse box type in the words "Amazon widgets shortcodes" and install this plugin - activate it and go to the page in the dashboard where you can enter your unique Amazon membership identifier (this ensures that Amazon can identify your commission and of course know where to send the cheque!).

Now, select an item in Amazon that you are going to write about - note down the ASIN code (or copy and paste).

Next write your post as usual. You will notice that your post writing toolbar now has a little Amazon button - which if you click will drop down to give you a number of options. Try this one - "Amazon Product".

Paste the ASIN code into the bosx and you're done! When you update your post you will see a very need widget with photo of the item you are writing about and a click-able link to Amazon.

Do not forget:

1. Put a few internal links with relevant anchors to this blog post from within your site. This helps strengthen your site overall.

2. Set up a dozen or so back links to your post page from sites such as Ezine, Hubpages and Info Barrel. This will help you page rank for the name of the item you are promoting.

3. Repeat the process for another item!

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is a massive marketplace and the reason it is so successful is that it has opened its marketplace to everybody. That means that anybody can sell goods through Amazon. To expand the marketplace it serves, Amazon has a comprehensive affiliate marketing arrangement that is very easy to join.

Before you sign up for an Amazon affiliate partnership you must have a web site. It is possible to use a well written Hub for this (see questions and answers on Hubpages) in order that you get your unique affiliate identification - you will already have this if you use the Amazon capsules on your Hubs.

Make sure that the advertisements you place on your blog (this goes for Hubs as well!) match your affiliate membership and the audience you are aiming your site for. For example if your traffic is primarily from the UK (you might be writing a blog about Premier League football) you will want your Amazon membership to be with, and your adverts will be from the UK site. In the USA your identification will be through the and you will be selling in $ of course.

If like me you do a number of different blogs aimed at different audiences it is possible to join both UK and USA Amzons - and there are of course other geographical areas you may be interested inĀ  also!


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